February 23rd, 2017

// If you fall off track, hop back on

If you fall off track, hop back on

If you were given $24 and managed to lose $1 would you then throw away the $23 you had left? Of Course not! So why treat your days like that?

Often times, were on a program to help us accomplish goals. It may be a weight loss program, a muscle building program, a program for a competition or a eating program to help restore our health. Whatever the case, sometimes we mess up. But when we mess up, should we give up? Absolutely not! Everyday were given 24 hours but it's up to us to use them effectively.

If you find yourself cheating or deviating from your meal plan because you just can't beat your craving, you shouldn't beat yourself up. Instead, you should take note of what events led up to your deviating from your plan, how you felt after, what you can do next time to avoid messing up and finally MOVE ON. The same way you wouldn't throw away $23 if you managed to lose $1, you should never throw away an entire day to unhealthy eating or quitting your plan because of one disruption. As we've all heard before, things happen.

So next time you find yourself eating that cookie, or eating a slice of cake, remember that were all imperfect, things happen and you must move on and forward. Get back on course finishing the day healthy, strong and on track and continue to work towards reaching your goal.


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