April 21st, 2023

// Im Back – Again

Hey guys! Its Alicia here. I am not to sure who reads my blog these days or if any one who use to checks back here. BUT if your new my name is Alicia and I am an IFBB Pro.

My blog use to be aliciabellelite dot com where i posted about training, fitness topics, health etc. I also use to do a lot of product reviews. Life got the best of me and I stopped. But I actually love it and would like to get back to it. I use to love sharing...until one day I got in a horrible relationship that prevented me from being me...prevented me from sharing and took me away from everything that I loved. But im back now. Healed (i think) and ready to be my opinionated, sharing self.

I use to have all sorts of PR companies that I worked with and dud influencer things with (before influencing was cool). And to be honest I would like to get back to that! Anyway the hardest part is always starting...So this is day !!

Stick it out and keep checking back because I cant wait to share products, apparel, training and life with the world again.

XO - Alicia


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