September 21st, 2018

// In a World Full of Fad Diets, Americans Should Focus on Fiber

In a World Full of Fad Diets, Americans Should Focus on Fiber


Quick – think of a fad diet. You can probably think of several right away. We know the names by heart, almost as a shorthand of quick weight loss options. Each of these diets are brands unto themselves, and thousands of Americans turn to them each day in an attempt to lose weight, and by extension, become healthier.

As we do so, we miss the forest for the trees. None of these diets – and there’s a new one every week – are as healthy a weight-loss alternative as simply adding fiber to your diet.

The Benefits of Fiber in Your Diet

On average, Americans eat 11 grams of fiber in their diet each day. But health organizations, ranging from the American Heart Association, the National Cancer Institute and the American Diabetes Association recommend a daily intake of 30 to 40 grams. There are many reasons for this recommendation.

First and foremost, fiber is critically important for heart health. Harvard University’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health recommends an increase in soluble fiber – the kind that dissolves in water – to lower both glucose levels and cholesterol. Consider nuts, berries and even oatmeal in this category.

For digestive health, Harvard recommends an increase in your daily consumption of non-soluble fiber. Think of whole wheat bread, carrots, couscous, and legumes.

Finally, a recent study published by the L.A. Times notes that increasing fiber by just five grams a day led to a loss of nearly five pounds in participants.

An Easy Fiber Solution

So with so many benefits for a diet that’s high in fiber, why do so many Americans fall short? The answers vary, but for most, it comes down to one constant – time. Americans are constantly on the move, and taking the time to eat right is not always in the cards.

However, while there are healthy ways for even the busiest among us to get the fiber, and the health benefits that we need, many Americans may not want to do them. You can drop the potato chips and replace them with raw vegetables. Instead of drinking fruit juices, you can eat whole fruits instead. But the simplest change may be adding fiber supplements to your daily routine. There are many options, but only one was invented with cholesterol and heart health in mind – Cholesterade®.

Invented and patented by University of Florida scientist Dr. J. Robert Cade (also the inventor of Gatorade), Cholesterade® is an easy fiber solution, one that provides the benefits of both soluble and insoluble fiber. It even helps you lose weight. Take the time to learn more by visiting Cholesterade’s website today. Your heart and your waistline will be glad you did!



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