March 21st, 2016

// Inflammation: Why Food Matters

Inflammation: Why Food Matters

Did you know that inflammation is a component of the vast majority of diseases? It originates in the gut with an autoimmune reaction that advances into systemic inflammation.  Examples of chronic inflammation diseases include cancer, arthritis, heart disease, chronic peptic ulcer, and Crohn’s.

Unfortunately, doctors have a tendency to prescribe medication instead of figuring out the original source of the problem. Why is this an issue? Because taking medications only blocks the inflammation, it doesn’t quell the disease process.  Inflammation is the body’s way of defending itself, and for acute diseases it is beneficial, but for chronic diseases it exacerbates the problem.

Dr. Lanae Mullane, the Director of Nutrition at LifeSpan medicine is a huge proponent of helping treat inflammation by changing one’s diet.  That’s correct, food matters. Everyone reacts to food differently, so why do doctors give blanketed statements about what to eat? To put it bluntly, they shouldn’t.

When clients come to see Dr. Mullane, blood is drawn to see which foods cause that specific person inflammation.  Foods are then put into three categories: green, yellow, and red.

Green foods are what the client should focus on eating, yellow are neutral, and red are foods that should be avoided.  Dr. Mullane always suggests strictly eating what’s on the green card for 4 weeks, and then slowly (one by one) incorporating foods on their yellow card to see if it causes inflammation.

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LifeSpan medicine is an integrative, functional medical practice with a team of doctors that offer the most advanced technology for non-invasive medicine. The practice has two locations in Santa Monica and Dallas. Clients range from the average person looking to be healthier to NFL, NBA, and Olympic athletes to movie stars and Fortune 500 executives.


Dr. Lanae Mullane conducts individual consultations and assessments to identify deficiencies and imbalances and customizes plans involving lifestyle modifications, diet, supplementation and exercise. Her clients include families, executives, athletes and young professionals looking to perform and be their best.  She helps each client reach any nutrition or health goal they may have from weight loss, to more energy, less inflammation or just feeling and looking better overall.  She utilizes her expertise in the kitchen to provide specialized menus and recipes to fit each clients’ individual preferences, food sensitivities, biochemistry, and overall lifestyle.


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