April 23rd, 2021

// Inno Lifecare Joins the Canadian Association of Medical Mask Manufacturers as Third Founding Member of New Industry Association

Inno Lifecare Joins the Canadian Association of Medical Mask Manufacturers as Third Founding Member of New Industry Association

A leader in vertical integration, machine learning and blockchain technology, Inno Lifecare will provide key insights and subject matter expertise to support new methodologies and technologies in the emerging medical mask industry across Canada.

KELOWNA, BC and VANCOUVER, BC, April 22, 2021 /CNW/ - The Canadian Association of Medical Mask Manufacturers (CAMMM) is pleased to announce that Inno Lifecare of Vancouver, BC has joined as a third founding member, along with Breathe Medical Manufacturing of Kelowna, BC and The Canadian Shield of Waterloo, Ontario. CAMMM's main goals are: 1) to help enhance the economic health of the medical mask manufacturing industry in Canada; and 2) to help build an established standards and regulatory system to protect Canadians.

Inno Lifecare is a division of innofoods, a global food company based in Vancouver, BC and the largest organic snacks manufacturer in the world. In 2020, the company established Inno Lifecare to produce medical masks, and their surgical N95 respirators were given Health Canada authorization for sale in March 2021. The company is a leader in AI and machine learning and has a strong focus on vertical integration, all of which have allowed them to quickly meet changing market demand. Inno Lifecare's PPE also offers full blockchain traceability, adapted from the company's world-class food traceability platform—designed in-house—that gives end consumers full reassurance on product quality and specifications.

On joining CAMMM as the third founding member, Inno Lifecare CEO and Founder Jae Park said: "Inno Lifecare is dedicated to putting Canadians first. This means not only producing safe, Canadian-made PPE, but also playing a leading role in establishing standards across our industry and supporting Canadian manufacturing and Canadian jobs." 

"Inno Lifecare's extensive expertise in vertical integration and emerging technology will play an important role in CAMMM, and we are pleased to have them on board," said Robert Balazs, Chairperson of CAMMM.

Over the coming months, CAMMM will work directly with key stakeholders and various levels of government to establish standards and regulations for the medical mask manufacturing industry. 

Canadian companies, organizations, individuals, and suppliers within the industry are welcome and encouraged to join the association. Members of the industry interested in learning more about joining the Canadian Association of Medical Mask Manufacturers can obtain more information at www.cammm.ca

About Inno Lifecare
Inno Lifecare (a division of innofoods) is a manufacturer of medical masks with a mission statement to develop and make products that enhance and protect life. Based in Vancouver, BC, innofoods is a world leader in the confectionary space. We take these standards and apply them to the masks we manufacture in Canada. For more information, visit www.innolifecare.ca.

About the Canadian Association of Medical Mask Manufacturers (CAMMM)
CAMMM works closely with the federal and provincial-territorial governments, health professionals, member companies, suppliers and other stakeholders to deliver safe, accessible, innovative and sustainable medical masks for Canadians and export markets. For more information, visit www.cammm.ca.

SOURCE Canadian Association of Medical Mask Manufacturers


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