July 16th, 2018

// Introducing Comvita  – New Zealand’s leading, certified UMF Manuka Honey brand

Introducing Comvita  - New Zealand's leading, certified UMF Manuka Honey brand, that is rapidly taking on the US Manuka market and now Canada!

Touted in the natural health world for thousands of years - and quickly taking on the mainstream - Manuka Honey is a simple, single-ingredient food that can be used in a number of ways including:

  • Ingested for digestive and immune health support (a spoonful a day, is what we say - great for those winter colds)
  • Added to tea, toast or smoothies - or any of your food faves - as a daily superfood for natural energy  (a natural high, without the low)
  • Included as part of your daily beauty routine (natural face masks, heck yes)
  • Used topically as an antibacterial product for wound healing, staph infections, etc. (with certified UMF rating)

The Comvita brand, in particular, is one of the purest, most potent products in its category. For 4 decades they have ensured that every drop of its Manuka honey is protected all the way from the hives, so the Manuka flower is as alive in the jar as it was at its source. Comvita offers its Manuka Honey in a variety of grades (which I'm happy to dive more into with you) and sizes. It is now available at Costco and Comvita.com.




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