June 11th, 2018

// It’s Not All About Weight Loss: 4 Other Benefits of Exercise to Consider

It’s Not All About Weight Loss: 4 Other Benefits of Exercise to Consider

Many people pursue physical fitness as part of a plan to lose weight, but continue to practice this habit long after they achieved their weight goals. Some keep it up to maintain their new figure, but others do so because they’ve discovered the many other benefits gained from exercise. While it may cut into some of your leisure time, going to the gym or working out at home can yield several life-changing advantages if you invest the time and energy.

Stress and Anxiety Relief

Stress and anxiety are a natural part of life, but some people struggle to find productive and healthy outlets to express these feelings. Exercise is an effective way to manage mental and physical tension, which is why it is often prescribed as part of psychological therapy. Using physical activity to relieve stress also reduces the temptation to develop unhealthy habits to cope with emotional distress. Fitness is not a replacement for a therapist, so anyone experiencing severe stress or anxiety should schedule an appointment with a professional psychologist.

Improved Posture

Most kids have heard the command to sit up straight dozens of times, but these lessons don’t always stick. It can be hard for anyone to maintain proper posture, especially with computers, televisions and mobile devices that encourage slouching. Strength trainingand exercise are proven ways to help maintain good posture, although it also takes practice and genuine motivation to make the necessary lifestyle changes.

Elevated Self-Esteem

You don’t need to have a perfect physique to have a positive body image, but exercise is firmly linked to improvement in self-esteem. Whether there is an aesthetic motivation behind your fitness efforts or not, the act of exercising and the struggle for self-improvement can have benefits on their own. Setting and achieving fitness goals fosters a sense of personal accomplishment and stronger motivation overall.

Better Work Performance

Regular exercise not only makes the body stronger, it also has numerous benefits for the brain. Physical fitness enhances brain function and is associated with improved memory, according to Women’s Running. It also has verified benefits for the human immune system, which means less work days missed due to illness. A boost in confidence and energy levels can also do wonders for achieving results in the workplace.

Exercise isn’t just a good habit, it’s an essential one. People of all ages, from children to seniors, have a lot to gain by pursuing a healthy level of physical fitness. The benefits of exercise are meaningful and valuable for everyone and there are plenty of ways to stay in shape while maintaining work and family life.


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