December 5th, 2017

// Izzy Camilleri invites you to swap your resolutions for intentions this new year

Izzy Camilleri invites you to swap your resolutions for intentions this new year

Canadian fashion designer and author shares tips on mindful eating and other sustainable lifestyle habits
‘Tis the season of indulgence and celebration! One that typically leaves us looking to start the new year with a fresh slate. From shedding weight on a fad diet, to embarking on a new fitness regime, we’re all guilty of setting high expectations for the person we want to be when the calendar hits January 1.

Instead of making goals with tight timelines and unsustainable habits, Izzy Camilleri suggests changing our mindset to live a life of intention. Entrepreneur, mother, fashion designer and author, she knows a thing or two about struggling to meet unrealistic health goals while balancing a multi-career lifestyle. When she freed herself from restricting diets and harsh expectations, she discovered true health and happiness through eating with intention.

“All of my life I spent years on the diet roller coaster of reaching my ideal weight, and eventually falling back into old eating habits,” said Izzy Camilleri, author of Izzy’s Eating Plan. “When I discovered the concept of eating intentionally and using food’s nutrients to target the different areas of my body, I was ultimately able to find the healthiest version of myself - and sustain it!” 

Izzy’s Eating Plan Credit: Chris Chapman
Izzy’s simple discovery of intentional eating, led her to share her story and lifestyle guidelines in her most recent endeavour, Izzy’s Eating Plan. The easy-to-follow plan guides readers to make health-conscious choices that can lead to sustainable weight loss and overall well-being. Below are some of Izzy’s go-to food groupings that contribute to the health and optimal functioning of different areas in the body:
Keep it moving! Use these fibre and nutrient-rich foods to cleanse the liver, digestive tract and circulatory system.
Be sure to consume these foods to target your body’s largest organ…and be prepared for the glowing skin compliments that follow.
Save on pricey products with these natural tress tamers that target the health and strength of your hair.
Nuts, cheese and greens, yes please! These nutrient-dense foods target your bones and help to prevent bone loss, common with aging.
Follow your heart right to a plate of these tasty foods that will help to improve overall cardiovascular function.
Rather than heading into the new year with a resolution, make 2018 the year of intention, and see how simple it is to truly find the best version of yourself. Izzy’s Eating Plan is available for purchase online through Amazon, Indigo and Barnes & Noble, and in-store at select retailers.
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About Izzy Camilleri

As one of Canada’s leading innovative and celebrated fashion designers, Izzy Camilleri has made a name for herself designing clothing for national and international clients for over 33 years. Her designs have been featured in publications from Vogue, InStyle, and Harper’s Bazaar and worn by top celebrities including David Bowie, Angelina Jolie, Jason Momoa, Daniel Radcliffe and Meryl Streep. Izzy recently had the honor of designing the iconic metallic leather wardrobe worn by Gord Downie on the historic 2016 Man Machine Poem Tour.
While still attending to the needs of the fashion world, Izzy’s personal focus revolves around inner beauty, good health and wellness. In early 2017, this alternative focus compelled Izzy to write and self-publish her first book: Izzy’s Eating Plan, with a mission to make present and future generations more healthful.

Izzy is based in Toronto and continues to create pieces that provoke thought and push boundaries.

Izzy Camilleri in her workspace. Credits: Tara West for FAJO Magazine

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