December 14th, 2018

// Jacqueline Sacks Develops Proprietary Sustainable Fabric, Launches Saint Haven

Jacqueline Sacks Develops Proprietary Sustainable Fabric, Launches Saint Haven
San Francisco, CA - December 13, 2018 - Saint Haven, a luxurious line of sustainable essentials founded by Jacqueline Sacks, officially launches today, December 13.  On a mission to ease the discomfort of her children's sensitive skin issues, Sacks, wife of PayPal's David Sacks, spent several years developing a brand-new, proprietary method for softening fabric, leading her to develop Saint Haven SoftTM, an incredibly soft and breathable non-toxic fabric. Saint Haven launches today with blissfully soft clothing for women, babies, toddlers and children.
As a parent, there's nothing worse than seeing your child suffer. A mother of three, Jacqueline was desperate to find a solution that would ease her daughter's discomfort from eczema. She needed a soft stretchy, breathable fabric that wouldn't irritate the skin further or soak up the salves she was using for treatment. Since most fabrics irritated her children's eczema and sensory issues, she watched her kids struggle with the daily routine of getting dressed and never feeling cozy and comfortable. Sacks therefore began lining her children's clothing with the softest fabrics from local craft stores but quickly found her DIY fix was no match for her children's growth or general wear and tear. Determined to find a permanent solution, she took matters into her own hands, developing a proprietary fabric that is a result of years of research.
From knocking on the doors of fabric manufacturers to consulting high-end lingerie and bed linen boutiques, Jacqueline spent years researching, experimenting, and mixing her own fibers first-hand. After prototyping her product nineteen times, she arrived on the softest, most breathable, non-toxic fabric. Working with ethical manufacturers throughout Portugal, Saint Haven developed a propriety method of softening fabric. The result is unlike anything available in the market today. The fabric is produced using eco-friendly modal, which is crafted from sustainably grown beech trees. The modal, which Sacks found was more breathable than cotton and also less absorbent than cotton, is spun into an ultra-fine textile. The fabric is then dipped in a non-toxic enzyme to achieve Saint Haven SoftTM. Sacks tapped Parisian-born Souad Sinai as Chief Designer. Sinai's breadth of work made her the perfect choice for this project, as it required a skilled designer with experience in kid's, men's, and women's apparel. Her previous experience includes working with top fashion brands including Nina Ricci, Sonia Rykiel, Kenzo and John Galliano.
The collection is comprised of 13 initial styles that are simple, sustainable and functional. The color palette is as soft as the fabric, featuring light pinks, blues, and neutrals. Current offerings include shirts, pants, dresses, and a robe. The majority of the collection will range in price from $30 - $80 and top price of $150 (

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Photo Caption: Saint Haven Founder and Mother, Jacqueline Sacks


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