September 17th, 2019

// Japanese Goku Spa Offers Innovative Techniques To Help Americans Finally Get To Sleep

Japanese Goku Spa Offers Innovative Techniques To Help Americans Finally Get To Sleep 

More than a third of American adults are not getting enough sleep on a regular basis, according to a study in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.  Atsumi Kaneda, founder of US based Goku Spa ( hopes to help reverse this trend. "We refer to Goku as the "ultimate sleep" spa because we exclusively focus on the scalp." said Atsumi Kaneda. "Our techniques are designed to put in an individual in the most relaxed state possible to ensure they drift off into a peaceful slumber."  Kaneda founded Goku in 2008 in Japan after suffering from years of insomnia. Kaneda was constantly exhausted during the day as a result of poor quality sleep. Seeing that self-care in Japan was a growing trend, Kaneda sought to solve her own problem as well as bring that solution to others. "Since there were no market for head massage, there were no books nor school for it. I had to invent it myself." Said Kaneda. "I studied under various doctors, acupuncturists, and healers to gain knowledge and techniques about what induces maximum relaxation and puts the body in the optimal state for sleep ." Kaneda created her special form of treatment called Zecchou Sleep (meaning "ultimate sleep"), which is done without water or oil. The technique is composed of twenty-one types of strokes. Pressure and direction using the fingers are applied to the scalp, facia, and muscles of the head. The therapists hands move slowly to lose the move the muscles of the head which result in more blood flow and circulation. Beneath the scalp are the large fascia and some thin muscles. "The pressure slowly stimulates the parasympathetic nerves system, and leads the clients to wonderful sleep. This sleep is different from meditation or nighttime sleep, it is a new experience of a pleasurable dreamy land." said Kaneda. "In addition the treatment, each Goku spa has visually soothing lights and music which can enhance the experience."  Goku's four locations in Japan have become so popular, that there are currently 498,721 people on the waiting list for appointments. In 2019, Kaneda opened her first Goku spa in the US rightfully so in New York which is known as "the city that never sleeps."  "Our mission is to alleviate sleep difficulties and discomfort. We want to make insomniacs sleep. We want you to experience joyful and pleasurable sleep, and make your dreams more colorful. If Goku’s treatment and experiences can bring joy and relieve any pain you have during sleep, that is my greatest pleasure." said Kaneda. For more information about Goku spa, please call (929) 336-3088 and visit:   For all interviews please call Ryan McCormick of Goldman McCormick Public Relations ( at 516-901-1103 / 919-377-1200


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