May 17th, 2017

// Kashi Go Lean Dark Chocolate Cashew Chia Plant- Powered Bars

Eating healthy but most importantly clean can be tough! Especially when you're fighting a sugar addiction and your brain tells you that you should eat every cookie you see and consume every ounce of a chocolate bar; so it's important to find wholesome substitutes. It's best to try to make your own treats at home so that you can ensure you're using whole and real ingredients, but every once in a while you can find a treat that is both satisfying to your sweet tooth and nutritious. I think I've found it in Kashi's Go Lean Dark Chocolate Cashew Chia. I was drawn to these because they remind me of a treat my friend makes with dark chocolate, cashews, chia seeds and maple syrup.

I found these while browsing down an aisle at Target. They were actually on clearance. The box boasted 9 grams of Plant Protein, 6 grams of Fiber and Gluten Free. But before trying, I had to check out the nutrition facts on the back of the box where I found the following:
With all of these pros, I wanted to try the product but was unsure of what they would taste like, but because they were on clearance at a reduced price I decided to give it a try.
One word came to mind after the first bite: delicious! These bars were not only nutritious but delicious! I couldn't believe that they were what I would consider a guilt free chest! Would I suggest eating them daily? Probably not if you're eating with the goal of weight loss in mind, staying away from a lot of carbs or eating for certain goals, but these are amazing to help you satisfy a sweet tooth craving or when you simply want a treat on occasion!
I would definitely give these a 5 star rating! They're chewy, fresh and bursting with flavor!
I found them at Target but you can click here to find a retailer near you --
These contain nuts! Do NOT consume if you have a nut allergy!


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