May 18th, 2018

// Kawartha Lakes Welcomes Canada’s Fastest Growing Brand of Electric Bikes

Kawartha Lakes Welcomes Canada’s Fastest Growing Brand of Electric Bikes

Central Ontario welcomes Canada's fastest growing brand of electric bikes with this month's opening of the Pedego Kawartha Lakes store, which sells @PedegoCanada ebikes. Find out more:

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Bobcaygeon, Ontario - Get ready for more two-wheeled traffic around Fenelon Falls, Lindsay Woodville and Omemee this summer with the opening of Bobcaygeon's newest store. Pedego Kawartha Lakes has opened its doors selling the number one electric bicycle brand in North America: Pedego Electric Bike.


Conveniently located on William Street, just a one block away from Bobcaygeon Beach Park, Pedego Kawartha Lakes sells 18 models of electric bikes, from cargo bikes and commuters to folding bikes and fat tire bikes, perfect for riding on the snow or in the sand. Electric bike rentals will be offered for those locals or tourists who wish to explore the region using the world's newest transportation technology, as well as organized tours starting on June 2nd.

The store is the first of its kind in Kawartha Lakes and it joins six other new locations opening across Canada this year, making Pedego the fastest growing electric bike brand in the country.

Allen Hussey is the owner of Pedego Kawartha Lakes. Allen discovered electric bikes in 2017 after a health issue had him wondering about his ability to get home on his normal bicycle. He started researching ebikes and discovered that a pedal-assist bicycle with an electric motor would help him stay active but lessen the challenges of steep hills or strong headwinds.

“I fell in love with Pedego bikes online but the only stores in Canada at the time were near Vancouver. It seemed logical to open up a store in Ontario,” Hussey says. “People have been riding bicycles for a century [but] we’re selling a new idea. There seems to be some confusion about what an ebike is and we’d like to make it clear a Pedego is not a scooter.” Rather, it's a bicycle with an electric motor that can be used whenever the rider wants to energize their journey.


Pedego Electric Bikes are designed in California and sold around the world. It is the company's belief that electric bicycles transform people's lives by getting them off couches, out of cars and having fun — lots of fun!


For More information: Contact Allen Hussey at 800-478-1237,, 47 William St, Bobcaygeon, ON or Mike Clyde, Pedego Canada, 888-777-2066,


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