July 12th, 2019

// Keep it keto-friendly this summer with these four simple barbecue tips

Keep it keto-friendly this summer with these four simple barbecue tips

 With the sunshine and hot weather finally upon us, there are endless reasons to celebrate the season with family and friends. Whether it be a BBQ, patio or picnic, summer is all about eating al fresco and embracing the warmth before it’s gone.  

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 The keto way of life continues to gain popularity, with social media rife with followers sharing how they’re keeping healthy and fueling their bodies this season. Concerned about carb-filled barbecues throwing a wrench into your health plans? Here are four simple tips to keep you on track and satisfied while dining out with friends and family this season. 

  1. Buns out
    • You don’t have to miss out on the deliciousness of a burger, chicken breast or sausage hot off a sizzling grill. Try eating your protein “naked” or with a lettuce wrap (bibb, sesame or romaine work very well!) to keep it nutritious while satisfying your barbecue craving.
  2. Condiment conditions
    • Many condiments are full of hidden sugars. If you want to keep it saucy, find some new and exciting low or no sugar condiments, or stick to classics like mayonnaise, mustard and hot sauce.  
  3. Veggie forward
    • Summer brings the best vegetable options to your local farmers market and produce sections. Take advantage of what’s in season and fill up on your favourite leafy greens and colourful peppers to keep you feeling fresh. BBQ portobellos anyone? 
  4. Don't desert dessert
    • You can still satisfy your craving for dessert by swapping out a sugary last course with something that’s sweet and savoury. We recommend trying Atkins Crispy Lemon Flavour Snack Bar or the Chocolaty Peanut Butter Pretzel Bar.  Containing between 160 and 200 Calories, with 1 gram of sugar and 3 grams of Net Atkins Count™ per bar, they make the perfect treat to cap off your barbecue fiesta. 

Summer doesn’t have to mean taking a hiatus on your health routine and fitness goals. With so many nourishing ways to indulge, you can focus on enjoying your company and perhaps perfecting your burger flip.

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