December 20th, 2017

// Konecta from SoundWhiz – Wireless Bluetooth Audio

I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to the new Konecta from SoundWhiz. The Konecta is a small Bluetooth transmitter / receiver which allows user to transmit audio wirelessly via Bluetooth from any device that has a standard audio or headphone jack so that it can be enjoyed on wireless headphones or speakers.

They recently sent me one to try which I just received int he mail and I will let you know how it works for me!

They say that it is perfect for listening to the TV in the gym without being tangled by wires tied to the fitness equipment, or watching a late night movie without disturbing family or a roommate; the Konecta converts any standard 3mm or 5mm audio jack into a Bluetooth connection.   When using the Konecta, it only takes seconds to enjoy wireless connectivity from non-Bluetooth enabled devices including; TVs, TV sound systems, IPod Classic and other MP3 players. Konecta will automatically choose the highest transmission quality available based on the device and includes support for APTX and APTY-LL high definition audio. Both APTX and APTX-LL have rapid transmission speeds, meaning there won’t be a lag between moving pictures and the sound which is common with traditional headphones.

While most Bluetooth transmitters assume users only need a standard 3mm jack, the Konecta includes accessories to connect to 3mm, 5 mm and 2-pin airplane audio jacks as well as a RCA cable splitter for stereo sound. The built-in rechargeable battery provides up to 10 hours of playtime, and can be used while connected to a power source for interruption-free enjoyment.

Company Name: SoundWhiz
Product: Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver / Adapter  
Category: Technology-Gadgets
Product Description: The Bluetooth Transmitter / Receiver Adapter is a portable accessory that provides all the accessories needed to be completely wireless with any audio source. Included is a 3MM connector cable, 5MM jack converter, RCA cable splitter, and a 2-pin airplane adapter. Pair your phone, tablet, PC, TV or IPod and listen to music, watch movies or play games with perfect audio clarity.
Price: $33.97


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