July 23rd, 2019

// Lake of the Woods Brewing Co. Turns to Province Brands of Canada Launch Cannabis Beer

Lake of the Woods Brewing Co. Turns to Province Brands of Canada Launch Cannabis Beer

Countdown to Phase Two of Canadian Cannabis Legalization

CAMBRIDGE BAY, NUNAVUT -- July 22, 2019 -- Province Brands of Canada, developers of the world’s first and only beers brewed from the cannabis plant — today announced an agreement allowing Lake of the Woods Brewing Company to use its technologies to craft cannabis beer under the Lake of the Woods label. 

“As Ontario’s northern-most brewer, we trace our craft beer heritage back more than 120 years with a commitment to quality, natural ingredients, and blazing new trails,” said Taras Manzie, President and CEO of Lake of the Woods.  “Our new relationship with Province Brands of Canada positions Lake of the Woods once again to bring quality, natural ingredients and innovation to our treasured clients as the next phase of cannabis legalization in Canada approaches.”

Recreational cannabis use became legal in Canada in October 2018 for dried and fresh cannabis, oil, plants and seeds. It is expected that the Canadian government will legalize drinks, food, and other edibles containing cannabis by October of this year. 

Today’s announced agreement allows Lake of the Woods to license Province Brands of Canada’s patent-pending technology to mash and ferment cannabis -- instead of more traditional barley -- and brew beers in Province Brand’s 123,000 square foot facility in Grimsby, Ontario (currently under construction). This process will start once the manufacture and sale of such products are legalized in Canada. 

Under the agreement, Lake of the Woods and Province Brands will collaborate to launch non-alcoholic beer brewed from cannabis, which will intoxicate using marijuana instead of alcohol. The beer will be available wherever cannabis can be legally sold in Canada under the Cannabis Act, once such sales are legal. 

Over the past two and a half years, Province Brands of Canada has developed a patent-pending process for brewing a premium beer from the cannabis plant. The first steps in the brewing process, milling and “mashing” (i.e. saccharifying or extracting fermentable sugars from the cannabis plant), requires specialized equipment and technology, which would not be found in a more traditional brewery. 

Lake of the Woods will work closely with Province Brands’ master brewer Rob Kevwitch to develop non-alcoholic cannabis-brewed craft beers. Because the beer is brewed from cannabis, rather than barley, it will be naturally gluten-free and low in calories and sugar. The beers brewed will be consistent with Lake of the Woods traditions, which focuses on commitment to quality, natural ingredients, and customer satisfaction.  

“I love it when a plan comes together,” said Dooma Wendschuh, CEO and Co-Founder of Province Brands. “When we started this company in 2016 people thought we were crazy.  They would tell us cannabis beverages would never become legal in Canada.  Here we are on the eve of legalization of cannabis beverages and we’re light years ahead of the competition.  We’ve perfected our process, moved into an incredible facility, and assembled a true “A-Team” of the best and brightest researchers and brewers in the industry.  It’s because of these almost three years of hard work that we’ve been able to earn the trust of a major player like Lake of the Woods.  We’re incredibly grateful for their interest and thrilled to be beginning this adventure with them.”

This is the 9th such licensing agreement recently announced by Province Brands of Canada.

About Lake of the Woods Brewing Company 

Ontario’s northernmost brewer, Kenora-based Lake of Woods Brewing Company is an independent, family-owned and -operated purveyor of fine lagers, ales and stouts. The company began its story in 1898 and in 2010 was re-imagined by new owners Taras Manzie, Audrey Manzie, Rob Dokuchie, Frank Leroux, and Gene Manzie while maintaining a focus on natural ingredients in its fresh, local, handcrafted beer. 

Lake of the Woods employs 80 full-time staff, many more in the busy summer months, and is expanding with a new brewery Minnesota, USA, another on the way in Winnipeg, MB, and a large production expansion in Kenora.

About Province Brands of Canada 

Province Brands of Canada is a research and development / IP generation company developing a suite of innovative technologies with applications across the cannabis and adult beverage industries. The first technology we are bringing to market is a revolutionary technique for crafting the world's first beers brewed from cannabis in place of grains or barley. We are mining the untapped potential of the cannabis plant to create less harmful alternatives to alcohol. We will be developing these beers in our own 123,000 sq ft facility in Grimsby, Ontario, Canada.

For more information, please visit: www.provincebrands.com Twitter & Instagram: @provincebrands | Facebook: /provincebrands 


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