November 13th, 2017

// Launch of Finding Quality Addiction Care in Canada an Information Guide for Canadians on Treatment for Alcohol and Drug Use

Launch of Finding Quality Addiction Care in Canada an Information Guide for Canadians on Treatment for Alcohol and Drug Use

CALGARY, Nov. 13, 2017 /CNW/ - Today the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction (CCSA) and the Canadian Executive Council on Addictions (CECA) are pleased to announce the release of Finding Quality Addiction Care in Canada, a national guide developed to help individuals and families make informed decisions when seeking treatment for alcohol and drug use problems.

CCSA and CECA developed the guide in partnership with the Government of Alberta to raise awareness among Albertans about treatment options and to offer guidance to individuals seeking to access treatment in the province.

The guide has national applicability and is accessible to all Canadians. The content, informed by those with lived experience, includes an overview of how to determine if treatment is required; information and considerations for various treatment options; important questions individuals should ask when talking to an addiction or other healthcare professional; and a list of resources across the country for individuals seeking treatment.

Up until now, Canadians have had difficulty obtaining information on what quality care for addiction and substance use disorders looks like and how to gain access to it. Finding Quality Addiction Care in Canada addresses this gap by providing reliable information on what is already available. It empowers individuals and families with knowledge about treatment options.

"Deciding to get help for a substance use disorder is a critically important decision in an individual's life," said Rita Notarandrea, CEO, CCSA. "However, it is often difficult for individuals to navigate through a complex and fragmented system of care. This guide provides the basic information that an individual and his or her loved ones need to make informed decisions about treatment and care."

"When any Albertan struggling with substance use reaches out for help, we want to make sure they know where to find it," said Alberta Associate Minister of Health Brandy Payne. "Our government is proud to support the development of this national guide to provide information for Albertans and their families seeking information and options for treatment. This tool will help make the process of finding those supports and programs a little easier."

"CECA is proud to have partnered with the Government of Alberta and CCSA on this important resource that should be shared with all Canadians," said Barry Andres, President, CECA. "It can be overwhelming to determine how to get help for an addiction as there are many treatment options. We hope this guide assists those interested in treatment by discussing the options and what to look for in a quality treatment centre."

Finding Quality Addiction Care in Canada is now available on the CCSA website and on the websites for Alberta Health Services and CECA. It will also be distributed to partners and stakeholders nationwide and promoted through social media campaign at @CCSACanada and @GoAHealth.

About CECA and CCSA

CECA is a national, non-governmental organization established in April 2002. The members of CECA are senior executives of addiction agencies that have a recognized federal, provincial or territorial mandate. The aim of the organization is to mobilize a common national agenda, together with other key stakeholders, that makes a difference to those affected by addiction, and to provide leadership in transforming the healthcare system's response to substance use.

CCSA is Canada's only agency with a legislated national mandate to reduce the harms of alcohol and other drugs on Canadians. We do so by gathering the latest evidence and promoting that evidence widely. Created by an Act of Parliament in 1988, CCSA's vision is for a healthier Canadian society where evidence transforms approaches to substance use. Our mission is to address issues of substance use by providing national leadership and harnessing the power of evidence to generate coordinated action to inform policy, practice and programs.

The Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction changes lives by bringing people and knowledge together to reduce the harm of alcohol and other drugs on society. We partner with public, private and non-governmental organizations to improve the health and safety of Canadians.

CCSA activities and products are made possible through a financial contribution from Health Canada. The views of CCSA do not necessarily represent the views of the Government of Canada.


SOURCE Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction


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