December 28th, 2021

// Leading COVID-19 Testing Solutions Company Predicts Massive Surge in Workplace Testing

Leading COVID-19 Testing Solutions Company Predicts Massive Surge in Workplace Testing Demand Following Reinstatement of OSHA Testing Mandate 

New York (December 28, 2021) – A Biden administration rule that requires workers at companies with 100 or more employees to be vaccinated against COVID or undergo weekly testing is back on. Now, leading COVID testing solutions company, Reliant Health Services is predicting a last-minute rush as companies with over 100 employees scramble to put plans in place to stay compliant. Company leaders urge American businesses to move swiftly.

The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals lifted a stay on the rule on Dec. 17. The rule was blocked on Nov. 6, just one day after it was formally issued by the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). 

The White House welcomed the decision. “The OSHA vaccination or testing rule will ensure businesses enact measures that will protect their employees,” Kevin Munoz, a White House spokesman, said in a statement. “Especially as the U.S. faces the highly transmissible Omicron variant, it’s critical we move forward with vaccination requirements and protections for workers with the urgency needed in this moment.”

Reliant Health Services, a team of pandemic experts dedicated to limiting the spread of COVID-19 through advanced testing solutions, is forecasting a significant surge in demand for workplace testing, as OSHA will start issuing citations for lack of compliance on Feb. 9, 2022. Reliant’s turnkey workplace testing solution avoids the workplace disruption caused by large scale testing facilities set-up on company property. The rapid tests are FDA Authorized and Medically Supervised through a tele-health session (proctored), without the need for employees to visit a clinic and risk further exposure. It enables employees to test and receive results in minutes at their home, their desk, in their cars or wherever is convenient - minimizing workplace disruption and concerns about privacy. Result reports are delivered electronically in .pdf format within an hour of completing the test and programmatically integrate into HR systems and tracking platforms.

“Now is the time to act,” explains internationally renowned COVID expert, COVID media consultant for NBC, ABC and more, and Chief Medical Advisor for Reliant Health Services, Michael Daignault, M.D. “OSHA’s mandate is a smart move, and I urge all businesses to move as swiftly as possible, as the surge is going to be enormous.” 

 “It is critical companies align with a partner like Reliant who has the proven ability to rapidly scale-up testing operations with minimum workplace disruption at an economically acceptable cost. We are anticipating a last-minute rush as companies scramble to put plans in place to ensure compliance with the mandate. They really need to take action now to ensure they do not risk non-compliance fines, productivity loss, the risk of the unavailable testing supplies and a last-minute logistical scramble,” explains Monica Beeman, Senior Vice President of Special Operations at Reliant Health Services. 

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About Reliant Health Services

Reliant Health Services is a turn-key workplace and community COVID-19 testing solution. Our experience working with large scale testing initiatives has given us a perspective on testing that we are able to pass on to our clients and communities. Conducting consistent testing requires a nuanced approach to supply-chain logistics, management of human resources, and a compassionate approach to interfacing with the lives of employees and community members.

By reducing the friction in test coordination, we deliver a world class experience. By utilizing highly precise testing protocols, with minimally invasive specimen collection methods, we create the most comfortable and efficient experience possible for persons undergoing testing. To learn more, visit:


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