December 19th, 2018

// Lipofilling, Expanded Stem Cells Are a Valuable Alternative to Breast Implants

Lipofilling, Expanded Stem Cells Are a Valuable Alternative to Breast Implants

Autologous adipose-derived stem cells (ADSCs) expansion avoids fat resorption, allowing to maintain results achieved after fat grafting

4 years follow-up results of Bioscience Institute Liposkill Plus body shaping approach presented at Las Vegas 

LAS VEGAS, Dec. 19, 2018 /CNW/ - Easy availability of donor tissue, absence of scars, short recovery times: several advantages have made lipofilling a promising technique for breast augmentation, asymmetry correction and reconstruction, but fat resorption can severely limit results. Nowadays, an approach based on adipose-derived stem cells (ADSCs) injection allows to maintain the breast volume achieved after fat grafting. The first ever evidences of ADSCs advantages come from the 16th Annual IFATS Meeting organized by the International Federation for Adipose Therapeutics and Science in Las Vegas (USA), where Bioscience Institute presented the results of a 4-years follow-up of patients subjected to autologous expanded ADSCs implant for breast augmentation.

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Breast volume MRI analysis was performed under the medical supervision of Bioscience Institute medical director, Roberto Viel, before and 4 years after ADSCs treatment, revealing that appropriate injection allows to maintain 100% of the volume achieved with fat grafting. When patient BMI increased, total breast volume increased too, reaching 109 to 135% of total breast volume achieved with fat injection, demonstrating fat graft behaves like fat in other parts of the organism.

Such results have been made possible by Liposkill Plus, a body shaping approach based on expansion of autologous ADSCs to be injected in patient's breast to obtain a double aesthetic goal: improving breast volume without breast implants and eventually removing fat from undesired deposits (e.g. abdomen, tights). ADSCs expansion is fundamental for long-lasting results, allowing to get the minimum right dose of cells for injection (100-150 thousand cells/ml of fat for a volume between 400 to 800 ml). «Cells expansion is the only technology available to achieve the correct ratio between cells and fat,» explained by Giuseppe Mucci, Bioscience Institute CEO. «Results are totally natural both aesthetically and to touch, and it is possible to reshape other parts of the body too, such as glutes. Moreover, some ADSC can be cryopreserved, allowing other uses in the future, such as skin aging treatment. With such features, Liposkill Plus represents a valuable alternative to traditional breast augmentation surgery.»

SOURCE Bioscience Institute S.P.A


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