February 18th, 2017



This powerful whole food supplement features an alkalizing blend of more than two dozen of nature’s most nutrient-rich superfoods, optimizing the healthiest ingredients on earth!

Live ultimate sent me their new product The Ultimate Elixir™ . This is a powerful, alkalizing, powdered blend of more than two dozen of nature’s most nutrient rich superfoods and supergreens, providing a full spectrum of perfect nutrition to help maintain and restore the body’s optimal pH balance and vitality. Synergistically formulated to ensure maximum bioavailability, this deeply nourishing formula has been designed for daily use, as part of a lifelong commitment towards extraordinary health.

All ingredients are produced in a GMP-certified U.S facility with rigorous testing to ensure a non-GMO status. The formula is completely free of pesticides and irradiation, while dried at the lowest possible temperature, as opposed to freeze-drying, to preserve the integrity of the nutrients and enzymes. The Ultimate Elixir is vegan certified, 100% raw and made with organic ingredients. The powdered composition guarantees the full nutritional profile of each ingredient, resulting in a naturally clean flavor with a pleasant taste.

The Ultimate Elixir contains 25 nutrient-rich superfoods and supergreens that fall under the following nutrition based categories.

Alkalizing Greens
Supergreens are powerful life-force foods and are a rich source of vitamins and minerals, including A, C, E, K and B-complex iron, calcium, magnesium and selenium.  They also contain chlorophyll, amino acids, bioflavanoids and phenolic compounds to assist in detoxification. The Ultimate Elixir contains organic wheat-grass, organic barley grass, organic kelp, spirulina, chlorella, organic alfalfa and Klamath Lake Blue Green Algae.

Immune Strengthening Mushrooms
Beta glucans in Reishi mushrooms have demonstrated immune strengthening properties. Many athletes use Cordyceps found in mushrooms for increased endurance, performance and recovery. The Ultimate Elixir contains organic cordyceps, organic reishi, organic shitake and organic maitake.

Adaptogenic and Tonifying Herbs
These nutrient-rich herbs support and maintain a health hormonal balance, provide essential fatty acids, increase cardiovascular health and stimulate overall vitality. The Ultimate Elixir contains organic maca, organic tumeric, organic ginger, chia, mesquite and organic black pepper.

Phytonutrients and Superfruit Antioxidants
Superfruits provide exceptional health benefits and are loaded with vitamins, flavanoids, phyto-nutrients and dark colored pigments that protect from the effects of pollution, oxidation and support healthy aging. The Ultimate Elixir contains organic lucuma, beet, camu camu, acai, organic goji and acerola cherry.

Now thats a lot of nutrition packed into a little bottle. I was encourage taking our “30-day Challenge” by committing to take the Elixir each day for an entire month. Since I am on prep I don't drink my greens with juice etc but what I do is mix it with minimal water. I hate drinking a big glass of greens personally for some reason and the elixir mixes well with minimal water. I then have it in the mornings with my breakfast and evenings with my last meal.

I love the taste of it because I don't like greens that taste too fruity or green and I find that the elixir isn't too potent and quite enjoyable. I think that the elixir is a great source to go to for green supplementation. I always prescribe a greens drink to all of my clients and this will definitely be my go to from here on out.

For a greens product I would give this powerful elixir 10/10. Its not too green tasting, not to sweet and full of tons of benefits and antioxidants.

Thanks again Live Ultimate for sending me The Ultimate Elixir! It's my favourite greens drink to date!

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