February 20th, 2020

// Locking in and preserving your healthy stem cells has never been easier and more accessible as Acorn Biolabs partners with Coverdale Clinics.

Locking in and preserving your healthy stem cells has never been easier and more accessible as Acorn Biolabs partners with Coverdale Clinics.

Appointments for stem cell & DNA collection now available.

TORONTO, Feb. 20, 2020 /CNW/ - With the rapid emergence of regenerative medicine therapies and genetic analysis testing reaching mainstream medicine, consumers are demanding increased opportunities to prepare for their future healthcare needs, including banking a viable source of cells to preserve their current health.  

To meet this growing demand, Acorn Biolabs, the leading non-invasive stem cell collection, cryopreservation and analysis company, today announced its partnership with Coverdale Clinics Inc., a premium network of specialty care clinics in Canada. Together, Acorn and Coverdale will help make stem cell collection more accessible and affordable in the West Greater Toronto Area.

Through their partnership, Coverdale Clinics' Oakville location be offering Acorn's non-invasive stem cell collection services. The simple process involves plucking a few hair follicles from a client's head, which are then analyzed and cryopreserved for future use. 

Acorn's innovative solution for live cell collection enables the collection of stem cells without the need for surgery or other painful and invasive procedures, making stem cell collection for life-long storage significantly more affordable and accessible for everyone. 

"Our partnership with Acorn Biolabs opens up a great opportunity for us to expand Coverdale Clinics service offering into the emerging regenerative medicine and genetics market. We're pleased to be able to leverage our specialty clinic in Oakville to offer a service that improves access to exciting and novel health care technologies," said Chris Dalseg, BioScript Solutions' Vice President of Strategic Growth and Marketing. "We have always been at the forefront of providing innovative health care services to Canadians, and adding stem cell collection services from Acorn exemplifies our ongoing commitment." 

Once stem cells are collected, Acorn uses its proprietary capabilities to keep cells alive during transportation before going into long term cryogenic storage. The process turns collected hair follicles into a highly valuable and accessible resource for further regenerative medicine and genetics. Not only are these stem cells securely stored for future use, but the company's scientists will also be able to extract critical genetic information through DNA tests, for clients that want it, that will unlock valuable data about a person's health over their lifetime. 

"We are excited to bring Acorn's preventative, personalized healthcare services to more people through this partnership with Coverdale Clinics. The cells collected are a life-long resource for these clients, not only in regenerative medicine, but also for advanced analytics, helping to identify diseases even before the first symptom," said Dr. Drew Taylor, Co-founder and CEO at Acorn Biolabs Inc. "The partnership is an important extension for Acorn to serve health-minded individuals in more geographies, freezing the clock on their stem cells so they can use them later in life, when they will need them most."

Clients can book their non-invasive stem cell collection appointment in Oakville, Ontario through Acorn's website today at www.acorn.me

About Acorn Biolabs, Inc.

Acorn helps you live a longer, healthier tomorrow by freezing the clock on your cells today. Founded in 2017 by Steven ten Holder, Patrick Pumputis and Dr. Drew Taylor and borne out of years of research, Acorn is a healthcare technology company based at Johnson & Johnson INNOVATION JLABS in Toronto. Acorn is focused on giving everyone the best chance to experience more healthy years with its easy, affordable and non-invasive stem cell collection, analysis and cryopreservation service. For more information, visit acorn.me.

About Coverdale Clinics

Coverdale Clinics is a premium network of specialty care clinics, providing patients with a safe, comfortable environment to receive specialty medications by infusion or injection. With more than 100 clinics nationwide, our nurses take a personalized approach to patient care that includes education and counselling to better support medication adherence.

About BioScript Solutions

BioScript Solutions is committed to helping patients with chronic illnesses achieve the best possible health outcomes. With our total care approach, we simplify access to complex, specialty drug therapies and deliver full-service specialty care solutions at every stage of the patient's treatment journey. Through our specialty pharmaceutical distribution, pharmacies, patient support programs and clinical services, BioScript has the capability to manage the needs of manufacturers, payors, prescribers and health care practitioners across Canada ― today, and tomorrow. To learn more, please visit bioscript.ca.

SOURCE Acorn Biolabs


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