December 14th, 2017

// Long Work Weeks? 7 Stress-Reducing Activities to Come Home To

Long Work Weeks? 7 Stress-Reducing Activities to Come Home To


After a busy and stressful work week, you’ve earned every second of your weekend free time. While it may be tempting to spend your time watching shows online, there are ways you can use your downtime to reduce stress rather than merely recover from it. The following seven activities will help you emerge refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to tackle whatever the next workweek brings your way.


Get Moving

Whether you spend your days in front of a computer screen or on your feet, ungluing yourself from the couch is probably the last thing on your mind. At the end of a long week, exercise can do wonders for your mind and body. Even if it’s just a walk or dancing in the kitchen with your family, a little purposeful movement during the weekend will reinvigorate and strengthen you for the week ahead.


Make Meals

While you’re in the kitchen dancing, be sure that you’re cooking some healthier meals and snacks. This will provide you with some delicious food to enjoy over the weekend and possibly during the week. Since nutrition plays a key role in wellness, you’ll also be building a better body for coping with the coming week. Moreover, many healthy staples such as garlic, oranges, and oatmeal have been shown to combat stressful feelings.


Grow Something

Since your Monday through Friday routine probably doesn’t include much time outdoors or in contact with green spaces, gardening can be a welcome addition to your weekend itinerary. During warmer months, vegetable gardening can provide you with ingredients for nutritious cuisine and lovely flowers to brighten your home. If its winter or you’d rather not maintain an outdoor garden, consider caring for some houseplants.


Cultivate Creativity

Plants aren’t the only item you can grow during your free time. Creative pursuits such as playing a musical instrument or engaging in a craft can help shift your focus from weekday stress to weekend serenity. These practices will also provide you with a sense of accomplishment and possibly homemade gifts for loved ones.


Soak Your Stress Away

After all your workweek and weekend activities, you might be feeling a bit achy and worn down by the cares of life. Sometimes, a quick dip in a pool or a warm soak in a tub can help you unwind enough to really enjoy your downtime. If you’re considering purchasing a hot tub, be sure to check out hot tub reviews, online forums, and the Better Business Bureau website before making such a large investment.

Bring the Spa Home

As you soak in your bath or hot tub, you can really pour on the pampering with a few basic spa treatments. Mixing sugar and coconut or almond oil will create a gentle, whole body exfoliation scrub to slough away any rough skin. Many lotions and creams also absorb more readily when you’re still warm from the bath.


Read to Refocus and Reinvent

While spending your weekend in Paris probably isn’t possible, reading an engaging travel book or website are. Children enlist their imaginations to transform the mundane into the magical every day. Reading can give you the inspiration and the mental muscle to reinvent yourself.

Even though work stress may feel overwhelming, it is possible to emerge from your weekend in fighting form. No matter which stress reducing activity you choose, the important thing is that you mindfully pursue it. Once you’re stress levels have plummeted, you’ll be able to enjoy life mo


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