September 16th, 2022

// Love to Cook? Buying an Apron Can Help Feed the Hungry!

Love to Cook? Buying an Apron Can Help Feed the Hungry!

Cooks Who Feed dishes up five reasons to consider using an apron or giving one as a gift

TORONTO, Canada – (September 15, 2022) – Increasingly, people are choosing to do more home cooking, whether to keep the food expenses down or to aim for healthier ingredients. In fact, according to the Institute of Food Technologists, 85% of consumers say they will be cooking more at home this year, and one-third say they are planning on doing more entertaining at home. Those who cook at home can benefit from wearing an apron, and while they are at it, they can help feed the world's hungry.

"Cooking at home can be such a pleasure and a family-friendly experience," explains Seema Sanghavi, founder of Cooks Who Feed. “Being able to help feed the world’s less fortunate people gives your home cooking even more purpose.”

So far, the Cooks Who Feed program has been impactful, providing over 542,000 meals to feed the world's hungry. The program has also supported over 13,369 hours of fair trade labor, allowing marginalized women in India to safely earn a fair living by creating handmade aprons. With each apron sold, 100 meals are given to those in need.

The Cooks Who Feed apron collection includes ones for adults and children. There are options from Christine CushingArt SmithRomain AvrilDevan Rajkumar, and Gaggan Anand. Cooks Who Feed also offers handloom linen napkins and printed tea towels, each providing 50 meals to those in need. There are also gift boxes available.

In addition to being able to help feed the hungry, here are five reasons people love to wear aprons when they cook at home:

  1. Style. Being able to put your flair into your culinary look sets the tone. People like to put a little of their style into their kitchen and cooking experience, and an apron is a unique way to do that.
  2. Cleanliness. Throughout the day, clothing tends to come in contact with dust, hair, and germs, but aprons can help keep it away from the food. Not only will wearing an apron help keep the cook's clothing cleaner, but it will help prevent debris from the clothing from getting into the food.
  3. Functions. Aprons help make the cooking process more organized, providing the cook with a place to wipe their hands, pockets to hold tools, and more. 
  4. Protection. Cooks who wear an apron will have a barrier that can help protect their clothing from coming in contact with open flames, heat, and more. It adds a stylish layer of protection between the cook and the cooking tools.
  5. Convenience. Most people who cook a meal don't want to have to change their clothing before they can greet people. Wearing an apron during cooking protects one's clothing and makes it easy to untie it and set it aside to go on and mingle with guests.

“Everyone loves an apron once they try cooking with one,” adds Sanghavi. "We’ve made it easy to help feed the world while people enjoy wearing an apron. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.”

October 16th is World Food Day, commemorating the date that the United Nations created the Food and Agriculture program in 1945. To celebrate the day, there are events taking place in 150 countries worldwide, with a mission of raising awareness about world hunger issues.

Caring for aprons is easy. Cooks should aim to wash them at least every few days if they are being worn regularly. If they acquire spills or look dirty sooner they should be washed more frequently. How often to wash the apron largely depends on how often someone cooks and how dirty their apron gets when cooking. Some people can get away with washing every few days, while others need to wash them after each daily use.

Cooks Who Feed offers a line of environmentally friendly aprons made from natural, sustainable fibers. The celebrity-chef aprons will provide 100 meals to those in need, each one sold. Thus far, the organization has served over 542,000 meals to help fight world hunger. Cooks Who Feed has teamed up with three charity partners to ensure that meals go to those who need the help. They work with Rescuing Leftover Cuisine in the U.S., Second Harvest in Canada, and Zomato Feeding India. The food is all surplus that would otherwise go to waste and ends up providing immediate relief to people. By taking action, they can rescue the food and turn it into meals to serve some of the most vulnerable populations in need of food assistance. 

Cooks Who Feed offers a line of celebrity chef aprons, aprons for kids, gift boxes, tea towels, linen napkins, and more. The company is 100% woman-owned, with its textiles being ethically produced in Delhi, India. They offer online sales, a retail line, and wholesale/corporate gifting options. To get more information or support the mission, visit the site:

About Cooks Who Feed

Cooks Who Feed was founded by Seema Sanghavi, who has an advanced degree in marketing and strategic management, and over 12 years of experience in online marketing and product management. She has lived in several countries worldwide and is an amateur chef. The company works with charity partners in India, Canada, and the U.S. to rescue food and serve it to those in need. To get more information, visit the site at:


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