April 12th, 2018

// Low Carb vs. Low Fat: The Unimportance of Fad Diets

Low Carb vs. Low Fat: The Unimportance of Fad Diets


Low carb and low-fat fad diets have captivated much attention. To determine which of these two fad diets is best, Stanford Medicine performed a study.(1) It concluded that these diets yield about the same amount of weight loss.


How, then, should we determine what to eat to be as healthy as possible? Of course, some fad diets will be more effective for some people and less effective for others. But there is a simple solution that helps most people to look and feel healthy.


Fad diets requiring limited calories, or even elimination of entire food groups like grains, will continue to arise. The problem with these diets? They are not sustainable.


If you limit your caloric intake, fast, or eliminate food groups, you will probably feel irritable. You might feel tired, think slower, and be less productive. Eating habits should not negatively impact your life like this.


What’s the secret to looking and feeling healthy? Being healthy is simple: eat healthy food and stay away from junk food. Junk food includes products with added sugar and refined grain.


Many people feel that resisting junk food is a nearly impossible task. However, people that eat healthily all the time, aside from looking healthy on the outside, feel healthy on the inside. They feel fresher, alert, and lighter.


In fact, the healthier you eat, the more likely your body is to reject unhealthy food; your body will realize that eating junk for 5 minutes a day makes you feel like junk for 23 hours and 55 minutes a day.


The Ocinator Food Guide shows you how to feel healthy all day by eating healthy all the time. The Guide includes healthy food to eat and junk food to stay away from, even at restaurants.


Of course, the transition from habitually consuming junk food to eliminating junk food can be tough. But fad diets are not the way to a sustainably healthy body; eating healthily is. And once you do take the leap and begin your journey of sustainable healthiness, you will not want to go back.


Written by fitness expert and Stanford Engineer, Nico Chavando. Nico Chavando is the creator of the Ocinator Fitness program available at Ocinator.com


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