May 5th, 2020

// Makers of zytec® Germ Buster® ramp up hand sanitizer production to keep up with increased demand for essential product

Makers of zytec® Germ Buster® ramp up hand sanitizer production to keep up with increased demand for essential product

Canadian brand prioritizes deliveries for Canadian hospitals and essential workers and has created additional work opportunities, along with increased pay for employees.

BRAMPTON, ON, May 4, 2020 /CNW/ - zytec® Germ Buster® recognizes the increased need and value for effective hand sanitizer products during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the goal of keeping frontline staff, employees and consumers safe, the company has created innovative ways to meet the needs of healthcare workers and Canadian households. It has also created work opportunities for those in need of employment, in addition to increasing pay for its full-time employees. 

"Medical staff are doing all they can to save lives during this pandemic. To continue to do so, we need to stay protected and require the necessary tools. Quality hand sanitizer that meets Health Canada's requirements is one of those tools," says Dr. Kirsten Smith, physician at North York General Hospital that recently received zytec® Germ Buster® product.  

The zytec® Germ Buster® manufacturing process ensures hand sanitizers are safe and effective for use, with gels containing 70 per cent alcohol and sprays containing 80 per cent alcohol. "We've worked with Health Canada for 16 years to develop quality products for Canadians, by Canadians," says Raffi Nalbandian, owner of zytec® Germ Buster®. "Due to our local manufacturing process, we've been able to adapt and respond quickly to our healthcare system's needs. With parts and components in short supply, we've leveraged resources we have access to and introduced a new foaming spray that meets Health Canada's quality standards and consumers' needs."

In response to price confusion surrounding hand sanitizers, zytec® Germ Buster® has made suggested retail prices publicly available online. The company also launched the Donations Program to support doctors, nurses and hospitals during COVID-19 and has donated more than 13,000 units of hand sanitizer. Manufacturing has been maximized with hopes to produce 150,000 units a day. To do so, an additional 23 employees were hired, along with increased pay and mandated workplace safety regulations including forming two rotational crews who do not interact with each other, regular disinfecting, wearing protective gear and maintaining social distance. 

About zytec® Germ Buster®

zytec® Germ Buster® hand sanitizers have been proudly made in Canada and certified by Health Canada since 2004. Enriched with essential moisturizers and natural ingredients, our hand sanitizers kill germs and bacteria while keeping skin healthy after each use. Products are available in both alcohol and alcohol-free versions. zytec® Germ Buster® offers a wide range of hand sanitizers suitable for the whole family, health care professionals and commercial use, available in convenient small travel sizes to larger formats for professional needs. Our products are ideal for use at home, office, hospitals, schools and any other public place where there is a risk of contact with germs and bacteria.

About Empack Spraytech Inc.

Empack is a leading aerosol producer, liquid filler and a custom contract packaging company based in Brampton, Ontario. Specializing in a range of market categories from personal care to household goods to automotive, our experienced team offers superior service and focus on ensuring your product and brand's success.

SOURCE zytec® Germ Buster®


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