May 1st, 2018

// May is Bladder Cancer Awareness Month

May is Bladder Cancer Awareness Month

Bladder cancer is the 5th most common cancer in Canada, yet the organization, Bladder Cancer Canada (BCC) and the disease itself are relatively unknown to the public. Bladder Cancer Canada is launching a campaign this May to promote awareness about Bladder Cancer Canada and the support services and information we provide to patients to help them through their journey.

TORONTO (April 30, 2018) - The month of May is Bladder Cancer Awareness month in Canada. Staff and volunteers at Bladder Cancer Canada have any exciting grassroots campaigned lined up to reach out to the more than 80,000 bladder cancer patients across Canada.

“Our year-round ‘See Red? See Your Doctor’ campaign continues to raise awareness about bladder cancer in the general public”, said Ken Bagshaw, Chair of Bladder Cancer Canada. “Our mission continues to raise general awareness, but we are putting a special emphasis on reaching out to those affected by bladder cancer and their support network to draw their attention to our organization and how we can offer support to them.”

Patient support, raising awareness and funding research into bladder cancer are the three main core mandates of Bladder Cancer Canada. The month of May is a focused effort through Bladder Cancer Canada’s communication channels and national network of volunteers to extend their outreach.

The May campaign will involve media interviews, social media stories and featured “community icons” lighting up yellow to help show that #YellowHelps through the efforts of the organization.

“Through the month of May we want to draw attention to Bladder Cancer Canada and our dedication to supporting our patient community”, commented Tammy Northam, Executive Director of Bladder Cancer Canada. “We encourage people to share the hashtag #YellowHelps to draw attention to all that we offer as an organization”, said Northam.

Canadians are invited to visit to find out how to get involved. Bladder Cancer Canada can also be found on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter @BladderCancerCA. Let’s get the conversation going right across Canada about how #YellowHelps in assisting those facing #BladderCancer.


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