January 31st, 2017

// Medcan to bring health technology to employers across Canada

Medcan to bring health technology to employers across Canada

Medcan is partnering with leading health content and technology companies to provide mobile and digital applications to help inspire people to live well and adopt healthy behaviours.

"Medcan has always focused on behaviour change to drive better health outcomes.   By moving onto a digital health platform, we are striving to reach more clients in ways that are convenient for them and on an ongoing, more personalized basis," says Shaun Francis, Chair and Chief Executive Officer of Medcan. "Currently, Medcan's virtual care offering allows clients to have a video medical appointment from anywhere in Canada via their mobile device. This is just the tip of the iceberg of what we want to achieve."

Francis adds that the solutions Medcan offers employers today will continue to evolve, with an even deeper focus on solving for some of the most challenging issues employers face in keeping all employees healthy and productive.

Francis explains: "Employers are faced with the rising costs of prescription drugs, absenteeism, and disability leave, associated with diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and other chronic conditions. They are also motivated to enhance their commitment to supporting employees with mental health conditions, and solve for the increasing prevalence and business impact of mental illness. We want our services to be extended to employees at all levels, to educate them and inspire them to make the right choices and address their health needs.  Our platform and solutions will support employees with chronic conditions in developing healthy habits and reversing downward health trends."

To achieve these priorities, Medcan is building partnerships with relevant digital health navigation and care journey providers. "We want to be relevant to all employees in all stages and situations.  We are driving toward a solution that serves our clients where, when, and how they need care most," says Francis.

About Medcan
Medcan provides organizations and individuals with services that inspire them to live well through achieving their very best health – in both body and mind. Medcan offers a comprehensive range of screening and diagnostic assessments, which, in combination with innovative programs tailored to specific needs, are designed to successfully reach improved health outcomes. The Medcan team of 350 staff includes more than 65 physicians. For more information, visit www.medcan.com.



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