September 28th, 2022

// Medfuture officially launches its mobile application

Medfuture officially launches its mobile application

MIRABEL, QC, Sept. 27, 2022 /CNW Telbec/ - Medfuture announces that their mobile application is now officially available to all its clients.

A leader in the Greater Montreal area in home blood collection services, Medfuture aims to position itself as a major player in the field of preventive and integrative health and has recently deployed numerous initiatives including access to health professionals for health profiles, the launch of its brand new clinic in Mirabel for minor emergencies, as well as a telemedicine consultation service in mental health.

Medfuture announced today the launch of its mobile application client portal, which is intended to become a true everyday companion. In its current state, the Medfuture app provides clients with a dashboard of past blood work history, and can show trends as well as  trajectories of each biomarker at a glance. Ongoing developments to be rolled out in future versions will offer a biological clock calculated from specific biomarkers, among other things, as well as the ability to book an appointment for clinic or home services directly from the app.

"Medfuture's vision is based on the various technological eras of the 21st century, including advances in AI (Artificial Intelligence), and connected health, which are paving the way toward anti-aging preventive medical practices. The mobile application - which I like to call "the Medfuture Companion" - is one more step towards this new reality that will allow us to have a daily dashboard of our overall health as well as personalized action plans to act in a preventive manner." - mentions Mario Tremblay, CEO of Medfuture. "The truth is that we all age at different rates depending on our state of mind and the decisions we make every day. The Medfuture Companion will be there to give us every opportunity to live a long and healthy life."

In addition to providing customers with a dashboard of their biomarkers from which a biological age will be calculated, Medfuture plans to implement algorithms that can assess the rate at which aging is accelerating or slowing. The Medfuture Companion will ultimately offer personalized action plans for preventive action, all by measuring a range of signals such as sleep quality, training level, nutrition, psychological state, exposure to daylight, time spent in nature or socializing, etc. In parallel to the Medfuture Companion and the services offered in clinic or at home, a RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring") technology will be deployed to give Medfuture's healthcare professionals a 360 degree view of the health status of its clients and thus optimize the service offering.

The longevity industry is exploding and the fields of integrative medicine, geosciences, nutraceuticals, regenerative medicine, gene therapies and connected health are gaining momentum, mainly due to advances in artificial intelligence, biotechnology, nanotechnology, robotics and cognitive science.

About MedFuture

Medfuture specializes in the longevity field by helping people who actively seek control over their health, their most precious possession, to live an optimal and long life. Medfuture is a facilitator that aims to slow, stop or reverse the consequences of aging using tools to measure biomarkers related to the processes involved and concrete preventive actions, all with the use of advanced technologies and the practice of personalized medicine. Medfuture's multidisciplinary team offers a unique, human-centered experience.

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