September 22nd, 2022

// Medical 21 secures up to $20 million commitment 

for its pioneering cardiac bypass technology

Medical 21 secures up to $20 million commitment 

for its pioneering cardiac bypass technology

Globally recognized entrepreneur and medical device developer Manny Villafaña PhD Sc. secures additional financing to accelerate his latest venture.

Minneapolis, MN – September 19, 2022 – Medical 21, a medtech company aiming to transform heart bypass surgery with a revolutionary artificial graft, says it has successfully closed a $20 million commitment pursuant to Regulation D, Rule 506(c) under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, to implement its business plan.


Caption: Medical 21 secures up to $20 million commitment for its pioneering cardiac bypass technology

The investor opened with $2.5 million at closing and has discretion to invest another $2.5 million or more every ten months up to a total investment of $20 million.

Medical 21 was founded by Manny Villafaña PhD Sc., whose previous heart innovations have positively impacted five million people, while his seven earlier medtech ventures included three exits totaling $57.4 billion in shareholder value through acquisitions by Abbott, Boston Scientific, and Medtronic.

Such achievements have earned Dr. Villafaña a reputation as the “Living Legend of Medicine,” and he expects Medical 21 to be his greatest: “With our experience and successes, we are ready to pursue the “holy grail” of cardiac surgery and its great market potential: a small diameter graft for bypass surgery that has evaded manufacturers and health institutions for 50 years.” 

Medical 21’s breakthrough is set to drastically improve the recovery of heart bypass patients and assist cardiac surgeons by reducing time in the operating room.

The $20 million commitment will accelerate development of Medical 21’s artificial graft in preparation for a U.S. Food & Drug Administration Early Feasibility Study (EFS), likely to go live before the end of 2022. 


Caption: Dr Manny Villafana, Founder & CEO Medical 21 and Living Medtech Legend 

Dr. Villafaña is the Founder of Cardiac Pacemakers Inc./Guidant (acquired by Boston Scientific), Founder of St. Jude Medical (acquired by Abbott), and Founder of ATS Medical (acquired by Medtronic) for more than $50 billion in total shareholder value. He added:

“Medical 21 is the company I'm by far most excited about because of its enormous potential to improve conditions for the millions of coronary artery heart bypass surgery patients. It could be the biggest ever cardiac surgery innovation because it avoids the painful and invasive ‘harvesting’ of the patient’s own blood vessels to supply the heart bypass grafts.”

Medical 21 will also continue to seek further capital through its current $40 million Regulation A+ equity crowdfunding offering, with strategic guidance from Medical Funding Professionals (MFP) and its partner Life Science Intelligence (LSI).  A copy of the Regulation A+ offering circular, along with how to invest can be found on Medical21’s website here.  Prospective investors in the Regulation A+ offering should read the offering circular before making any investment.

Dr. Villafaña added: "We see crowdfunding as the 21st century way to fund a company and bring such a life-changing solution to market. Scott Pantel of Life Science Intelligence (LSI) and Stephen Brock of Medical Funding Professionals (MFP) lead our efforts and continue to do an outstanding job, not only for the investment offering but also building exposure to a broader investor network.”

MFP CEO Stephen Brock said: “We all know about the devastating impacts of cardiovascular disease and how intrusive and painful current bypass procedures can be. Medical 21’s technology will potentially revolutionize how these surgeries are conducted and eradicate suffering.”

Scott Pantel, CEO of LSI - a MFP strategic partner – said: “This recent investment is a huge vote of confidence in Medical 21 and demonstrates substantial interest from investors to get involved in exciting medtech companies. Medical 21 is going after a big problem and investors want to get involved so they can do good; they are following someone who has an enviable and proven track record in delivering innovation for patients in this field.

“We are honored to have Dr. Villafaña speaking in London at our LSI Europe ’22 Emerging Medtech Summit (Sept 21-24).”


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