May 26th, 2020

// Medical Confidence Tool Offers Canadians Personal Road Map to COVID-19

Medical Confidence Tool Offers Canadians Personal Road Map to COVID-19

My Health MaP navigation helps address uncertainty created by COVID-19, providing self-assessment tool, personal care plan and testing locator 

TORONTO, May 25, 2020 /CNW/ - The volume, complexity and trustworthiness of information related to COVID-19 can often feel overwhelming, leaving many Canadians confused and uncertain about how to take care of themselves and their loved ones. Unfortunately, estimates suggest that this may be the case for some time, particularly as Canadians return to work and increase public interaction.

Today, Medical Confidence is pleased to launch a free COVID-19 navigation tool designed to help Canadians better understand their virus-related risk and help them decide if they should stay home, self-isolate and/or be tested. As restrictions on workplace and physical interaction decrease, it will be necessary for people to constantly assess their own health. It is more imperative than ever that people have access to consolidated clinical information that can empower them to manage their health and risk. 

Medical Confidence's COVID-19 Navigation is an easy-to-use online tool that walks Canadians through a self-assessment, providing them an explanation of the illness and related risks, and a personalized care plan to protect themselves, their home, workplace, and others. If required, the tool offers navigation to a clinical assessment and/or testing.

"Canadians are starting to return to the workplace and integrate back into a modified, guarded "normal" with increased public interactions. This can create anxiety, uncertainty and the need for individuals to feel empowered by managing and navigating their own health issues, if they arise," says Angela Johnson, President and Founder, Medical Confidence. 

According to health authorities, we can expect this continuous change in information and guidelines to carry on for the next 12 to 18 months. 

"There are a number of services being introduced to support wellbeing, but we wanted to develop a tool that would help individuals manage their health concerns and risks, by having easy access to the latest and most relevant COVID-19 guidelines based on their personal situation and location." 

As the pandemic moves through various phases over the next number of months and even years, access to up-to-date information will continue to be important to Canadians. Medical Confidence's tool aims to support Canadians throughout the duration of the acute crisis and beyond.

Medical Confidence's COVID-19 Navigation uniquely synthesizes and continuously updates valuable information taken from fragmented sources, delivering it in a way that is easy for individuals to understand and use. 

The depth of information and support available through this assessment tool reflects Medical Confidence's deep expertise and long-standing experience supporting access to appropriate care. 

Medical Confidence's COVID Navigation is part of the company's My Health MaP platform, an always-on, self-serve healthcare navigation tool that helps individuals who are ill or experiencing the early onset of symptoms access personal, real-time information about specialist care and other timely healthcare resources in their community and across Canada.

"At Medical Confidence we are proud to apply our patient navigation expertise and public healthcare knowledge to help Canadians during this crisis," says Johnson. "We have 11 years' experience helping individuals access Canada's public healthcare system and felt it was our responsibility to help." 

About Medical Confidence

Established in 2009 and headquartered in Ontario, Medical Confidence is Canada's pioneer in healthcare navigation. Aligned with the Canadian Health Act, Medical Confidence helps improve Canadians' health outcomes by reducing wait times to access physician specialist care by 220 days (on average). 

The company's proven navigation program and comprehensive database of physician specialists, including over 17,000 specialists across more than 800 sub-specializations, improves recovery times by an average of 180 days. 

Medical Confidence works with patients and their healthcare providers to empower them to be actively engaged in their healthcare decisions, while maintaining continuity of care. 

Working with Medical Confidence, clients, employers and insurance providers such as Manulife, RBC, and Sun Life have experienced reduced absence costs. The Canadian healthcare system also benefits from Medical Confidence's services as individuals are better able to navigate the system, resulting in increased efficiencies.

SOURCE Medical Confidence


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