March 31st, 2020

// Meditation App Offers Special Session for Those Under Quarantine

Meditation App Offers Special Session for Those Under Quarantine

With most of the world under quarantine, people are looking for ways to relax and accept their situation.  Meditation app Namatata offers a special session that will remain free throughout the entire confinement period.

Created in partnership with psychiatrist François Bourgognon, the French leader of mobile meditation applications, Namatata, offers a fun and simple way to meditate, with pre-recorded sessions, to all its users. As most people are currently confined at home, the application is ideal for starting up new practices, relaxing, and better accepting the situation. As part of the launch of its English version, Namatata offers seven days free, including a “special confinement” meditation of ten minutes to help everyone best undertake their confinement. This special meditation will remain available for free throughout the entire confinement period.

Better undertake the confinement through meditation 

Scientists and doctors have shown that meditation is effective in dealing with stress, anxiety and improving sleep.  In confinement, alone or with others, these problems can arise more easily. Anxiety during a health crisis is very important, as it brings up legitimate questions of one’s own health, as well as the health of their loved ones.

When all these thoughts and emotions come to attack us in a way, meditation can often be the best way to deal with them. By focusing on yourself for a few minutes a day, meditation greatly reduces stress and boosts the immune system.

Namatata offers seven days of free access and a special confinement meditation

The application, which is available on iOS and Android, promises to make the current period easier by offering seven days of free access to its 400 sessions to all new users through the confinement period. A special confinement meditation launched today on the application and will remain free for the duration of the crisis. All people in a situation of confinement can find help through it.

For people alone, a 10-minute meditation has been specially developed to deal with the feeling of loneliness.

For children, meditation audios are also available. These meditations in the form of stories imagined by psychologist Cécile Neuville, can serve to initiate them into this beneficial learning experience. For parents, this is also an opportunity to help their children find time to refocus and to keep them busy intelligently in these difficult days.

For everyone, each mindful meditation makes it easier to accept confinement. Meditation allows you to let go and deal with a situation that you cannot change. Breathing and concentration exercises where you focus on the present moment help you let go of difficult emotions and stray thoughts. A daily practice of ten minutes will, undoubtedly, improve everyone's physical and mental balance.

To find this special confinement meditation, please click here:

A word by founder Antoine Gerlier:

"In this current period, the concept of acceptance seems very important to me. It is by accepting that things are the way they are that we learn to live with them and to let go. When a big wave comes crashing down on us, it is better to deal with it by surfing on it. Meditation is a real "art of living" that I teach on a daily basis and that I wanted to share with the world by launching Namatata. Today, the confinement is ideal to refocus your thoughts and discover your virtues. "

Namatata in numbers:

1,000,000 users in the world

30,000 new users every month

400 meditations created by psychology professionals 

25 programs of 7 days spread out into 5 themes

About Namatata: Namatata is a meditation application available on iOS and Android for everyone. It aims to democratize the daily practice of mental gymnastics in everyone's life. Founded by Antoine Gerlier, who got the help of psychiatrist François Bourgognon, the application allows you to meditate 10 or 20 minutes a day. Based on scientific research, particularly in neuroscience, the application gathers one million users who can access more than 400 meditation sessions.


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