November 6th, 2019

// Mother Raw asks fans to choose their next variety with a “Duel of the Dressings” campaign

Mother Raw asks fans to choose their next variety with a "Duel of the Dressings" campaign

The winning Mother Raw Dressing will debut in January 2020 and marks 20th product in their launch year 

TORONTO, Nov. 6, 2019 /CNW/ - Mother Raw, makers of wildly successful plant-based, organic dressings, dips, condiments and quesos, will debut their 20th product in 2020, marking their one year anniversary of helping make plant-based eating delicious, nutritious and loaded with variety.

With consumer taste and preference top of mind, Mother Raw is announcing its 'Duel of the Dressings' campaign ( running from November 6 - 20th (2019) inviting fans to vote to help choose the flavour focus of their new and super on-trend tahini dressing. The question up for debate: should the new Mother Raw Tahini Dressing be zesty with lemon and turmeric, or slightly sweet with organic maple syrup?

The company is betting big on the booming tahini trend to satisfy the growing consumer craving for a plant-based creamy dressing that delivers a luscious taste experience, made from quality, plant-based ingredients.

"Tahini goods and dressings are on track to be one of the tastiest food trends of the year and we are elated to offer a creamy and delicious tahini-based dressing to our Mother Raw fans. We're depending on our loyal community of supporters to choose their preferred tahini flavour focus: sweet and savoury maple or zesty lemon with turmeric," shared Kristi Knowles, Mother Raw CEO. (Learn more about CEO, Kristi Knowles here).  "At Mother Raw we are tuned-in to taste trends and ways to make eating more plants delicious, while taking away the worry of ingredients that you can't pronounce.  What better way to expand our offerings than to ask our fans…they really do know best!"

Tahini, a condiment that is typically made from hulled sesame seeds, is a nutritional powerhouse. Packed with B vitamins, E vitamins and zinc, tahini is also a source of calcium, manganese, potassium and phosphorus.  It's touted as one of the fastest growing food ingredients in the world, according to, who recently reported that as of 2018 the global tahini market was valued at $1.11 billion (US) with growth expectations of 4.82 percent in the coming years (2019 - 2025).

The Mother Raw Tahini Dressing flavour with the most votes will be finessed by Mother Raw's team of product experts and ready for its debut in early 2020. As part of the tahini taste race, one lucky Mother Raw fan and voter will be randomly selected to win a delicious private dinner prepared for them and five guests by a professional chef.  And in keeping with the Mother Raw commitment to "do good" in the communities in which they operate, Mother Raw will also donate one dollar for every vote cast to a local Vegetarian Food Bank (for a maximum $1,000 donation).  Full details about The Mother Raw Duel of the Dressing are available at: or search #duelofthedressings.

Mother Raw Background
Since the North American debut of Mother Raw in January 2019, the company has been feeling the love from the plant-based community and plenty of people that simply love quality, great tasting food.

"Mother Raw consumers are vocal fans, super savvy shoppers, chefs and label readers with opinions we deeply value. They're always on the lookout for products with carefully selected, whole ingredients that promise great taste and convenience," added Knowles. "They certainly aren't satisfied with most store-bought dressings that are often over-processed and full of artificial flavours, fillers and stabilizers or have concerning levels of refined sugars and sodium. They love us for our clean, nutrient dense ingredients and amazing taste and versatility."

Mother Raw products are organic, vegan, free of common allergens, suitable for many dietary lifestyles and contain no refined sugar or artificial ingredients. Alike to homemade recipes, Mother Raw products are cold-blended, never heated, and always refrigerated.  With the growing market for healthy options, delicious choices like Mother Raw Caesar, Japanese and Mediterranean dressings and marinades, as well as French Onion Dip, Vegan Queso, Ketchup, and BBQ Sauces help to make plant-based eating delicious and nutritious. Full product details:

The company is guided by the principle that over-processing is over-rated, and all Mother Raw products are 'never heated, depleted or mistreated™'.  Products are always cold-blended and kept cold from Mother Raw's kitchen to the refrigerated produce section and responsibly packaged in fully recyclable glass bottles and lids. Mother Raw's line-up continues to grow as the brand develops new and exciting product offerings.

Business is Blooming!
A scrappy and loveable start-up, Mother Raw has experienced wild growth since their initial launch in January 2019.  Mother Raw set an ambitious store count target and has already quadrupled its distribution, landing a targeted mix of retailers.  Online sales growth has more than quadrupled quarter over quarter, and overall revenue growth in 2019 is expected to be well into triple digits.  

With rapidly growing consumer and media influence over the past year, Mother Raw has secured key partnerships with leading peer brands like Earthbound Farms, Cece's Veggies and Purple Carrot.  The company is in progress with a number of exciting partnerships and is actively seeking additional partners for 2020.  

Mother Raw Products Available Across the US and Canada
Mother Raw products are available in the refrigerated produce section of grocery stores and natural food stores across Canada and the US, with rapidly expanding presence (see store locator on site).  All products can also be ordered online, for refrigerated shipping across the US and Canada, at                                                                                            

About Mother Raw
Launched in 2019 as Mother Raw, the brand has grown out of an entrepreneurial Canadian brand called RawFoodz, which was originally founded in 2011 with one thought in mind: "Shouldn't your dressing be as healthy as your salad?"For more information: or and follow us on Twitter: @motheraw and Instagram: motherraw

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