February 5th, 2021

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Hi Everyone!

Alicia Bell IFBB Figure Pro
Alicia Bell - IFBB Figure Pro

Lately I have had a lot of new subscribers to both this newsletter and my Instagram!

Thank you all! I truly appreciate it!

I wanted to send out a quick thank you along with all the companies I currently am affiliated/sponsored by. 

I do not support companies that I truly do not believe in or use their products and genuinely love all of these companies.

So if you ever want to support me pease use my code for discounts:


I will also include links to my podcast as well as my guides should you want to listen or purchase!

My podcast:https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/the-train-it-right-life/id1516726326

My Shoulder Guide: 20$ special for subscribing to my newsletter - regular 60$: shoulder guide

Pro Tan: https://protanusa.com/?rfsn=4624777.758748 

HD MUSCLE: https://hdmuscle.ca/?ref=3

Massage Gun: - Smart Carrie https://www.smartcarrie.com?aff=4 

Pure Muscle + Fitness: https://shop.puremuscleandfitness.com/?aff=trainitright

Performa: https://www.performa.com/?aff=148

The Shoe Fairyhttps://shoefairyofficial.com/?ref=TRAINITRIGHT

Ironbull Strength: https://ironbullstrength.com/?ref=Trainitright


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