July 24th, 2023

// My Frenchie Passed Away Thursday :(

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Good Afternoon TIR Fam!

My French bulldog Sampson passed away suddenly on Thursday morning. It was shocking and unexpected. 

What I didn't do: fall off my plan, binge.

What I did do: Morn, loose sleep and took rest days.

Although I am heart broken and no frenchie or dog of that matter could replace my baby/sidekick/shadow and Adonis' brother. He truly was one of a kind. I have taken the days since to reflect and member him as he was. The most loving baby ever. However my life is still filled with love from Adonis.I have come to the realization my household and my family is meant to have 2 dogs. It is too quiet and lonely without another dog.

If you met Sammy or know me you know how much that dog meant to me. Im truly heartbroken and devastated. I don't have family and my dogs were/are my family. I was not prepared to lose Sammy at all nor am I in a financial position to purchase a new frenchie right now. But I will be saving up to get a new baby.

With that said I will be sending training programs and or guides to everyone who donates to my new puppy fund. Anything truly will help fill my lonely void and empty house.  

I am also still taking on new clients. You can inquire at any time.

New Pup 


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