January 16th, 2020

// New App Designed to Support Mental Health and Well-Being Launches Kickstarter Campaign

New App Designed to Support Mental Health and Well-Being Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Illumu helps people through their most challenging times through engaging interaction on their smartphones.

A life-changing new app called Illumu has launched a Kickstarter campaign. The app is designed to help people to maintain their emotional health through their most challenging times. Illumu uses the power of Machine Learning to customize a response to feelings of emotional distress for each user.

Emotional health is a primary concern in today’s increasingly complex world. People are finding themselves with feelings of loneliness and helplessness when they face hardship. Illumu is part of the solution, using the one object that nearly everyone has with them at all times – their smartphones.

Illumu creates a companion that people can take with them everywhere and anywhere. It offers practical suggestions and new ways of thinking to achieve, sustain, and enhance emotional health. The app has specialized features that categorically address feelings such as loneliness, confusion, and overwhelm. Three of the top features include the selfie feature, the customized content library, and the event finder.

The selfie feature understands the user’s emotional state. Illumu evaluates the effectiveness of its recommendations, which the app calls LifeChangers, by utilizing selfies. As the user takes selfies on consecutive days, the app’s algorithm understands if the suggested LifeChangers are effective or not, leading to more targeted LifeChangers.

Illumu’s AI-powered algorithm creates a customized content library for each individual that can be applied to their specific life challenge. This content library includes short films, music, games, poems, paintings, and more.

The app will also connect its users with local events, encouraging the user to socialize within a safe environment targeted for specific life challenges. These events could include activities like group painting or pet sports that will add joy to their day.

Illumu provides engaging interaction, scientifically proven recommendation, useful content, access to creative events, and a community of professionals and fellow users. 


“Got mad love and respect for this. Not everyone has a therapist they can see regularly or at all. Some people don’t have the support system they need or deserve. The App fills this gap in an affordable way.” – Cara Beth Hawkins

 “While reading any self-help book, I often asked is the book really for me. I always imagined what if a book is written just for me. Illumu App does exactly that. It’s like my personal self-help book.” – Torii Rowe 

 “I can’t wait. This is going to be such a game changer for those that are primarily left behind or are wanting to develop a deeper relationship. This is so exciting!” – Justin Amanda Nelson


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