January 21st, 2022



Watson’s launches chef-crafted “clean” seasoning blends with six culinary flavors including a uniquely blended California Everything seasoning. 

Los Angeles, CA—(January 20, 2022)—With over 70% of Americans cooking more since the pandemic, Southern California-based Watson’s Seasoning Blends are debuting their new line of “clean” and sustainably sourced spice blends for home chefs and heat-and-eaters everywhere. 

It has often been reported that store bought spices are some of the dirtiest foods on the market as they frequently contain “mystery” ingredients, chemicals, and pesticides. Watson’s seasoning blends only use ingredients that consumers can identify and pronounce and are both sustainably and ethically sourced.  

The company, which is female and minority founded and operated, was started by long time vegan, Lori Amos, along with her partner and husband Jim. “The idea for Watson’s—which is a loving nod to the man who coined the phrase “vegan”, Donald Watson—was conceived when I embarked upon a whole-food plant-based (WFPB) diet last year and I found I was quickly bored with the same-old, same-old tastes,” Lori states. “I realized there was a white space in finding a way to level up the taste of vegetables, potatoes, rice, and tofu without having to dig through a messy spice cupboard filled with unsustainable plastic jars.”

Since the founders run a marketing and PR firm that focuses on plant-based products, they see that sector going through an unprecedented and exciting explosion in popularity. What is missing, however, are “enhancement” products that will make it easy for people to ramp up the taste of their foods. Sensing that unique opportunity, launching Watson’s was a no-brainer to co-founder Jim Amos. “The beauty of our products is that you can use them to give store-bought favorites like Impossible and Beyond Burgers a hearty, robust flavor that elevates these foods to a whole new level. In addition, it allows the home chef to make their own using fresh legumes and grains in their pantry.” Jim continues, “Our seasoning blends are born out of love, love of food and love for our planet and its inhabitants.” 


  • California Everything: A love letter to the founders’ home region, an all-purpose blend that is a culinary sunshine kiss from the Golden State
  • Yumami: A hearty seasoning that brings a smoky, savory depth to every dish
  • Nudish: Crafted to elevate and complement (not overpower) the natural taste of foods
  • Furikake: The classic Japanese spice, now in a vegan version that features a special Pacific Ocean kelp
  • Italian blends: “Nord”, a Northern Italian blend for creamy, garlic infused dishes and “Sud” for umami, tomato and herb inspired cooking 
  • Two Latin-American blends launching in March of 2022

All Watson’s bags are eco-friendly and their elegantly designed jars are made from UV-coated hand-blown glass, not eco-crippling plastic. In addition, Watson’s will donate part of the proceeds from each sale of their California Everything blend to the California Firefighters Benevolent Fund, which provides assistance and support to California firefighters displaced or impacted by fire or natural disaster.


  • Individual 3.4-3.85 oz. seasoning bags retail for $14.50 each
  • Italian UV designer display bottles retail for $19.50 each
  • Seasoning bag + display bottle retail for $34.50
  • Gift boxes start at $37.50
  • Vegan, Non-GMO, organic, and traceably sourced throughout the drying process
  • Purchase direct at tastewatsons.com

“We wanted to find a way to make it easier for consumers—whether they be vegan, flexitarian or omnivore—to enjoy eating fresh, healthy, less processed food by making these dishes more flavorful and even crave-worthy,” Lori adds. “My decades of experience marketing iconic global food brands has made me realize that people want an elevated culinary experience with unique flavors that focus both on health (theirs and the planet) as well as on their palate. They want the best of both worlds and that’s what we’ve given them with Watson’s.”


Started in 2021, Watson’s Seasoning Blends is a female and minority owned and operated artisanal food company based in Los Angeles, California. Former ad executive Founder Lori Amos and her partner, entertainment executive Jim Amos, aim to make fresh, healthy food taste as delicious as possible so that people will prefer real food versus unhealthy and highly processed offerings. To learn more or find recipes, visit tastewatsons.com or follow @tastewatsons on social media.


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