July 25th, 2019

// New formula to combat Bacterial Vaginosis offers long-term results and has the scientific community talking

New formula to combat Bacterial Vaginosis offers long-term results and has the scientific community talking 

An all-female team of doctors has developed a revolutionary new formula to aid the millions of women around the world suffering from Bacterial Vaginosis following extensive research and gene engineering. 

The condition, caused by excessive production of bacteria, can result in vaginal discharge and an unpleasant odour, making sufferers uncomfortable and self-conscious. Conventional treatments focus on the use of antibiotics, which fail to address the problem completely and can lead to a reoccurrence in more than 50% of cases during a twelve-month period. 

Dr Edita Misti, Head of Research and Development and Founder of the ProBV formula® comments “After talking to many women, we found that besides being a truly unpleasant experience, Bacterial Vaginosis still doesn’t have the proper treatment methods.

“There is a great need for more effective methods for Bacterial Vaginosis treatment assistance and prevention. In addition to their lack of effectiveness, drugs frequently used to treat the condition have potentially serious side-effects. Notably, the use of these medications by pregnant women can be harmful to their foetus. My team of female doctors have been inspired to come together to find a more permanent solution to something which many in the medical community overlook.”

ProBV formula® contains an antibody fragment capable of specifically neutralising vaginolysin, a toxin secreted by the pathogenic bacteria, Gardnerella Vaginalis. It was born as a collaboration between scientists and gynecologists.

Available in a number of different formats including premium intimate hygiene washes, ovules and gel, the ProBV formula® is the result of hundreds of hours of research and gene engineering. The previously undiscovered treatment method effectively tackles bacterial vaginosis without harming the body or causing unpleasant side effects.  

It has received much attention in the medical community and is already being heralded a modern breakthrough from those looking for a long-term solution to Bacterial Vaginosis. 

To find out more about the ProBV formula®, visit www.probvformula.com


Created by a team of female doctors, ProBV is an effective solution for Bacterial Vaginosis. Available as a gel, intimate hygiene washes and ovules, the innovative formula neutralises the pathogenic bacteria that cause the condition and provides long-term relief for sufferers without any harmful side effects. 



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