November 20th, 2017

// New Guide Shows How Sleep Revitalizes the Soul

New Guide Shows How Sleep Revitalizes the Soul

Dita Wegman reveals insight on how to interpret dreams

LAC-SIMON, Ottawa. (Oct. 30, 2017) – Humans spend almost one third of their life asleep, and yet, hardly any thought is given to this vital task. Dita Wegman gives testament based on natural law, that the true value and beneficial nature of sleep has been forgotten.

Wegman asserts that sleep provides more than just physical and mental nourishment, but also provides spiritual and soul revitalization. Now, she explores the interplay between sleep, dreams and the soul in “Treasures of Sleep: Connect with the Universe and Nourish Your Soul.” It covers what the soul gathers from the cosmos and why we must sleep.

“Treasures of Sleep” emphasizes the difference between resting and sleeping. Wegman explores why we need sleep and promotes the fact that every human being’s core of is existence is their individual Spirit, which many refer to as their Soul. She states we have to separate the Spirit from the mind and that the Soul and Spirit has to be nourished and recharged while we sleep, since the brain assigned for daytime activity is at rest. Additionally, she showcases sleep as the source of nourishment that is essential for every living form on earth under Creation-law to maintain health, happiness and overall well-being.

The book also enlightens readers about dream interpretations, the work of the great astronomer and physician Nostradamus, and how the stars and planets communicate in a silent language of nature symbols seen during sleep and prophetic messaging.  She uses Nostradamus’ fundamental work of intuitively perceived images, which are referred to as “dreams,” to contrast the mind-produced images that interrupt sleep and disturb a good night’s sleep. The book guides readers on how to achieve the desired REM sleep, which is the state of the “deep sleep,” and states we must enter it every night to be recharged and have the energy for a new day.

“Sleep is not only for when we are tired,” Wegman said. “It is a natural component that keeps every form of life on the planet in balance. Treasures of Sleep shows you the how to get the most out of your time sleeping and rejuvenate your entire being.”

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