August 3rd, 2017



The new MATLETIK collection offers stylish and comfortable activewear for moms-to-be!

Toronto, August 3, 2017 – A new player in the maternity world, MATLETIK is the first company to introduce Canadian-made activewear designed specifically for moms-to-be. Inspired by the desire to offer true active clothing for expecting moms, MATLETIK strives to empower women to continue living an active lifestyle during pregnancy. From high-quality leggings, tank tops and bras, all MATLETIK styles offer a modern athletic look that maximize comfort by adapting to women’s changing figures – before, during and after pregnancy.  The perfect combination of excellent design, fashion and wellness, MATLETIK will surely become a staple in every future mom’s wardrobe.

For a positive self-image

Wellness is a priority nowadays and most doctors recommend staying active throughout pregnancy as it is beneficial for both mental and physical health. For this reason, MATLETIK strives to promote positive self-image and confidence through its new line. Valérie Munger, co-founder of MATLETIK with Silvia Gallo, state: “We wanted to design clothes that make women feel good during one of the most important moments in their lives.  We even tested the clothes ourselves to make sure they were very comfortable and flattering to all body types.” Proudly made in Canada and taking over a growing market due to their exceptional performance properties, MATLETIK aspires to become a go-to brand for athletic clothing.

Truly unique comfort

Fitting like a second skin, MATLETIK proposes modern athletic cuts, free of restrictive seams, which maximize comfort by supporting the belly and allowing it to grow with a stretchable and moisture wicking fabric. MATLETIK styles are designed to offer maximum stretch, retention and durability, always adapting to the body’s changes. From walking to running to yoga, or simply doing daily activities, MATLETIK clothing offers exceptional comfort and is suitable for wearing at all stages of a mom’s life.

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MATLETIK was born in 2017 to empower women to continue living an active lifestyle during pregnancy and beyond. Founded by Valérie Munger and Silvia Gallo, the company offers stylish and modern active wear primarily for pregnant women that fit everyone’s body.  Proudly made in Canada, all products are available in sports and maternity boutiques. For more information or to purchase items:, or


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