June 2nd, 2017

// New research reveals two-thirds of Canadian women experience period leaks

A new study from Always My Fit, conducted by MSLGROUP Research that surveyed Canadian women aged 18 to 35 who rely mostly on pads for period protection (which represents 70% of survey respondents), shows that there is room for improvement when it comes to selecting the right period protection to avoid leaks. Here’s why.


Women aren’t ‘one size fits all,’ so why should they apply this thinking to their pad size? While most women 18-35 (77%) say they no longer wear the same dress size from when they first got their period, half of them still use the same size pad!


It is a common misconception among many women that all feminine pads are the same and that they all leak! Unfortunately, when many women experience a leak they often blame themselves and not their period protection. The study revealed that the top four suspected causes of period leaks among Canadian women 18-35 are: They “just happen” (37%), I “didn’t use period protection properly” (33%), I “didn’t change period protection often enough” (27%) and I was “too active” (19%). Only 17% think not using the “right size” protection is what causes their period leaks.


To avoid period leaks, more than half of women say they check their pad every one to two hours and nearly half wear a heavier flow or longer pad.


More than half of women would feel relieved (54%) and more in control (52%) if they could prevent leaks, and 70% say avoiding leaks would make them feel more confident.


Nearly 8 in 10 (77%) women surveyed say they would wear a longer pad size if it meant experiencing fewer leaks. The new Always My Fit sizing system is designed to help girls and women who are wearing the wrong size pad, along with the many who experience leaks every month, find the coverage that is right for them. The new Always My Fit system is the latest advancement in the feminine care category to ensure girls and women experience the best comfort and the superior protection they’ve come to expect from Always.


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