December 17th, 2018

// New Service from Medela Connects Moms to Breastfeeding Support in Seconds

New Service from Medela Connects Moms to Breastfeeding Support in Seconds


24/7 LC™ Offers Instant Video Chats with Lactation Consultants through MyMedela®

MISSISSAUGA, ON, Dec. 17, 2018 /CNW/ - For many new mothers, breastfeeding support and guidance can be the difference between breastfeeding their babies and the need to formula feed.  In Canada, over 93,000 babies do not receive breast milk until the recommended six months of age.  This puts our country significantly below the World Health Organization's breastfeeding guidelines. To make sure breast milk feeding moms have access to the help and information they need, Medela has announced 24/7 LC™, a membership service available through the award-winning MyMedela app. In partnership with Pacify Health, a leading telemedicine service, 24/7 LC™ offers moms an instant video connection to a professional lactation consultant through their smartphone anytime they need it.

"Medela is widely known for its research and technological contributions to lactation but what some moms need most is support," said Steve McCormack, managing director of Medela Canada. "As natural as breastfeeding is, sometimes a little additional support or encouragement from an experienced lactation professional makes all the difference to establish a successful, long term breastfeeding journey."

Now through the MyMedela app, 24/7 LC™ offers moms the opportunity for unlimited, instant access to real-time consultations using video chat any time they have a question or issue related to breast milk feeding. Calls are typically answered in less than 30 seconds, and users have access 24-hours a day, so they can get the answers they need on their schedule. When a call comes into Pacify, the LCs do not know how the mother has reached them, be it via a government program, or the MyMedela app.  The ONLY information that the LC receives, is the first name of the mother and her preferred language of communication i.e. English, French.

Medela is such a strong believer in this service and its ability to help moms, that they have included it as a free of charge service with their premium double pumps, Sonata and Freestyle.  The service can also be purchased separately and at discounted rates for other Medela pumps.

"We're thrilled to partner with Medela to support new mothers," said Melanie Silverman, chief clinical officer at Pacify. "As any mom will tell you, your breast pump may come with instructions, but breastfeeding doesn't. There are so many moms out there who need in-the-moment support but don't have great options for finding it – now they do."

In addition to 24/7 LC, Medela is committed to offering educational resources to all moms to encourage breast milk feeding through their free award-winning MyMedela App. The app tracks nursing and pumping sessions, as well as feedings and growth, and features breastfeeding education based on where mom is in her breastfeeding journey.  Moms using the Sonata® Breast Pump also have a connected experience that streamlines tracking through the app with automatically uploaded pumping sessions.

About Medela

Medela is first and foremost a company dedicated to helping moms feed breastmilk to their babies for as long as they choose.  We support this goal by continuously investing in lactation research, new product development and new technologies and have been doing so for more than 50 years globally, 25 years in Canada.  A key aspect of our past and present success is a relentless focus on research-based medical technology, which will ensure, on an ongoing basis, innovations in the fields of Breastfeeding.

Thanks to Medela's investments, our research in the lactating breast and infant sucking behaviour has changed clinical practice worldwide.  Lactation professionals are now better able to help moms with breastfeeding issues.  Medela also invests heavily into research to help the most helpless of babies – the preterm infant to promote better outcomes for these vulnerable babies.

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About Pacify Health

Launched in 2014, Pacify Health, Inc. was founded on the idea that more can be done to use mobile technology to help families access excellent pediatric care, regardless of their circumstances. Pacify's industry-leading mobile platform provides instantaneous, 24/7 support for new mothers. Pacify mothers use the app to connect via video-visit with clinicians including nurses, nutritionists and lactation consultants. There are no appointments or scheduling, and calls are answered in an average of less than 30 seconds. Pacify is available directly to consumers as a membership or baby shower gift, and also works with health plans and public health programs to support mothers at no cost to them. Mothers using Pacify have expressed greater satisfaction and engaged more with the platform compared any alternative support services.

Medela wordmark and logo are registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. 24/7 LC is a trademark of Medela.

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