November 13th, 2019

// New Survey Says Majority of Canadian’s Learn About Nutrition Trends from Social Media Versus from Their Doctor!

From trying Keto to vitamin IV drips, the “blood-type diet” or eating bee pollen, a quarter of Canadians have followed a fad diet that did more harm than good, according to new research commissioned by Advanced Orthomolecular Research and conducted by OnePoll.

And data secured in that same study suggested that Canadians were likely to use the same platform to discover nutrition advice as they were their new skincare routine. From gummy vitamins to CBD to celery juice, 41% of Canadians learn about their next nutrition trend from social media and only 26% responded that they utilize their healthcare provider to discover new trends . But results revealed that the trendiest diet advice on your feed doesn’t always have the desired results – when asked, only 10% of respondents said a trend “often” helps them achieve their goals!  This is of particular interest as the average responded that they spent $106 in the past year on nutrition products that didn’t work or produce the desired result – which adds up to over $6k in the course of a lifetime!

The survey, which polled 2,000 respondents, looked at both the nutrition trends Canadians are trying and also at how they’re finding these fads, with some of the most notable findings below:

  • Respondents were much more likely to find out about new nutrition trends from the internet (52%) or social media (41%) than from a doctor or health care professional (26%). 
  • The internet might not be the best way to find out about health and nutrition trends – in addition to the 27% who’ve had a diet go wrong, others have taken a vitamin or supplement that caused more harm than good (16% and 17%, respectively). 
  • Top nutrition trends that respondents have tried before include gummy vitamins, “clean” eating, and intermittent fasting. That’s in addition to CBD products and personalized vitamins. Top results:

1.       Gummy vitamins: 50%

2.       “Clean” eating: 45%

3.       Intermittent fasting: 42%

4.       CBD products: 37%

5.       Personalized vitamins: 37%

6.       Weight-loss supplements: 37%

7.       Weight-loss tea: 34%

8.       Drinking celery juice: 34%

9.       Ketogenic diet: 29%

10.   Bee pollen in smoothies: 27%

Would you be interested in featuring data from this survey? I’d be happy to connect you with Advanced Orthomolecular Research Founder and CEO, Dr. Traj Nibber, who can speak to nutrition trends and provide insight into what consumer should be doing to ensure they avoid potentially dangerous or ineffective nutrition trends or fad diets. In the meantime, please let me know of any questions and I’m happy to provide any additional information. 





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