February 11th, 2021

// New Year, New Outlook: Life Coach Shares Powerful Messages of Unity and Positivity

New Year, New Outlook: Life Coach Shares Powerful Messages of Unity and Positivity

Stafford, TX, February 10, 2021 – Without question, 2020 was a difficult year on many levels. Life Coach Michael Taylor has a powerful call to action, intended to help readers focus on the factors that unite us as humans and view 2021 through a perspective of positivity.

“It is my belief that there has never been a better time to be alive on the planet than right now,” he says. “Obviously, I recognize all the challenges, but at the same time, I honestly believe that every human being has the capacity to be, to do and to have anything that they set their minds to.”

In his latest book, The Good News Is, The Future Is Brighter Than You Think!,the self-described “irrepressible optimist” uses science, spirituality and psychology to inform his insights into a range of topics, including: 

•Being Human: Understanding what it means to be human, the role of trauma in our lives, how to move on from past trauma and taking 100 percent responsibility for our lives;
•Divine Intelligence and Evolution: The Divine Intelligence as the creator of the universe, the driving force behind human evolution and how to use its power;
•Spirituality: Recognition and acknowledgment of a connection to a power higher than oneself, the spiritual connection to the Divine Intelligence as a result of evolution;
•Race: Realization that there is only one race and that is the human race — only through evolution will we heal our race relations and accept that we’re all the same;
•Love: Accepting love as the highest power that can heal this universe and how to create meaningful connections and develop healthy intimate relationships;
•Plus health, wealth, education, technology and everything in between! 

“If you’ve been looking for a resource that inspires you and motivates you and lights you up, this is the book for you!” Taylor adds.

Author Michael Taylor is uniquely positioned to spread hope and optimism. A high school dropout, he overcame a divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure, depression and being homeless for two years on his way to becoming a successful entrepreneur, motivational speaker, radio and TV host, and author of nine best-selling books. He has dedicated his life to empowering men and women to reach their full potential by transforming their lives from the inside out.

Taylor is President and CEO of Creation Publishing Group, a company that specializes in creating programs and products that empower men and women to live extraordinary lives, and Too Cool Club, a company that develops transformational education programs for youth. He has been featured in the Amazon.com bestselling book Motivational Speakers America and in USA Today magazine about the changing roles of manhood and masculinity in society. He has won numerous awards for his dynamic speaking style, and he is an Amazon.com bestselling author.

He is the host and producer of two TV Channels on the Roku Network, Joy Passion & Profit and Shatter The Stereotypes, and hosts two podcasts of the same names available on most podcast platforms like Spotify and iTunes.

Most importantly, he has been blissfully married for 18 years to the woman of his dreams and he is a proud father of three grown children.

To learn more about Coach Michael Taylor, please visit www.coachmichaeltaylor.com.

The Good News Is, The Future Is Brighter Than You Think!

Publisher: Creation Publishing Group

ISBN-13: 978-0996948777

Available from https://creationpublishing.com/



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