February 21st, 2019

// Night Cycling: 4 Safety Tips for Nocturnal Riders

Night Cycling: 4 Safety Tips for Nocturnal Riders

If you enjoy cycling at night, there are some additional safety precautions that you should take to keep yourself out of harm’s way. The limited lighting at night can present extra challenges, and preparing to face these potential obstacles in advance can ensure a safer, more fulfilling ride. These four safety tips should be followed if you’re a nocturnal bike rider. 

Use Reflective Gear 
Reflective gear will be especially important to have if you plan to ride on roads with vehicular traffic. Reflectors that are attached to the backs and fronts of bikes or tires can reflect the light of vehicle headlights and provide greater visibility for drivers. Attaching mirrors to your bicycle is also a good way to reflect light and make yourself easier to see in the dark. There are even certain types of clothing that are made with reflectors in their designs. 

Ride in a Pair or Group 
Going for a night ride with another person or a group of people can ensure greater safety. If you end up getting hurt or encountering other dangers during your ride, you’ll have someone by your side who can offer help and alert paramedics or police, if necessary. If you’re looking for a biking buddy or group to ride with, you can search online for nighttime cycling events and meet-up groups in your area that are known to attract avid nocturnal cyclists. 

Stick to Lighted Pathways 
You can generally find plenty of light at night on most city streets, but there are also paths for cyclists and pedestrians that stay lit well into the night. Cycling in areas with sufficient lighting can help you see the path ahead of you clearer as well as obstacles that may pose safety hazards. If you plan to cycle in an area with poor lighting, you should consider getting a headlight that attaches to the front of your bike or helmet. 

Prepare for Colder Temperatures 
You should expect temperatures to drop at night after the sun sets, so it’s best to prepare yourself to deal with colder conditions. Custom cycling kits often work well in locking in body heat, and you should choose an option that covers the legs and arms completely if you’re cycling at night in the fall or winter. Lightweight winter cycling jackets can also protect you from the cold. 

Going for a bike ride at night can still be a fun adventure if you take the time to think of ways to stay safe. By staying smart and steering clear of danger, you’ll have a greater chance of returning from your ride unharmed


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