June 12th, 2020

// No Fear of COVID-19: Patients Come For Plastic Surgeries as Soon as Borders Are Open

No Fear of COVID-19: Patients Come For Plastic Surgeries as Soon as Borders Are Open 


At international plastic surgery clinics, life is coming back to normal. Patients trust the safety measures of the clinics and are tired of waiting for their procedures. They start traveling for plastic surgeries as soon as quarantine measures are lifted and borders open.

June 12th, 2020. Recent survey of the USA plastic surgery market recorded positive attitude of patients toward plastic surgery during COVID-19 pandemic. 49% of people without previous experience of plastic surgery indicated their openness to cosmetic or reconstructive treatment in the future. The practice of Nordesthetics clinic - a leading international plastic surgery center in Kaunas, Lithuania, confirms the same trend in Europe. Patients come for surgeries as soon as borders open.

"The renewal of international flights and the relaxation of quarantine measures are the only important factors," said Justina Bartkute, the director of Nordesthetics clinic. "As soon as borders open with some country, we have patients coming in. Some patients even use this opportunity to reschedule their procedures for some earlier time. There are patients asking for delays, but again - their concern is uncertainty of travelling conditions, not the risk of the virus. So, in general, we see regrouping of patients, but no retreat."

According to Ms. Bartkute, the variety of patient nationalities is also entirely dependent on the opening of borders. Presently, most patients come from Norway, Denmark, Latvia, Estonia, the Netherlands, Germany, Finland and Switzerland. It can be expected that patients from Spain and Ireland are soon to follow as borders with these countries have just been opened or are in the process.

These trends indicate no anxiety of patients over the health risks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Patients are not anxious, they are tired of waiting," confirmed Ms. Bartkute. "They see that the COVID-19 spread will continue as long as there is no vaccine. But people cannot delay their health issues for that long. They see that they have to move on with their lives, even with planned procedures. And they trust the clinic, too. We operate in Lithuania - a country which has been very successful in containing the COVID-19 pandemic."

During the quarantine, Nordesthetics clinic took important precautions against the COVID-19 spread, which are still ongoing. All patients coming for consultations have to disinfect their hands, measure their body temperature, wear face masks and gloves. Consultation times and number of visiting patients are limited. Before surgeries, all patients have SARS-CoV-2 tests in addition to other pre-surgical testing. Accompanying persons or visitors are not allowed at the clinic.

Every year Nordesthetics clinic hosts over 2.000 patients. 90% of them are medical tourists looking for quality procedures abroad. The clinic offers tummy tuck, liposuction, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation and other popular plastic surgeries. Apart from the qualified doctors and medical staff, the patients receive logistical support and personal assistance while they visit Kaunas, Lithuania, including transfers to and from the airport.

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Nordesthetics is a private plastic surgery clinic in Kaunas, Lithuania, part of Nordclinic, offering high-quality services and focusing on foreign patients. It is equipped with modern diagnostic and surgical facilities. Medical professionals at the clinic speak fluent English and show personal attention to every patient. www.nordesthetics.com/en/


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