June 3rd, 2020

// No Gym, No Problem – This Trainer’s Book Has Everything You Need to Stay Healthy from Home

No Gym, No Problem – This Trainer’s Book Has Everything You Need to Stay Healthy from Home

Celebrity Trainer Oscar Smith brings over 25 years of experience in the health and fitness field to his book, ‘Natural Strength’.

Today’s workouts look much different from just a few months ago. Gyms across the country are closed, and clients are unable to make in-person appointments with their trainers. While at-home workout videos suffice, people still seem to miss the professional advice and inspiration found in the gym.

Oscar Smith’s book, Natural Strength, is full of motivation and training knowledge. He allows readers to take his workout plans and long-term, life-changing routines home with them. Smith is a well-known celebrity trainer with a personal training gym in Tribeca. He has trained celebrities that include: Katharine McPhee, Tom Brady, Rosario Dawson, Val Kilmer, and many others.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the privilege of training with Smith one-on-one. Even with such high-profile clientele and his chic private studio in NYC, Smith still wanted to reach more people and was finally able to do so with Natural Strength. He combined over 25 years of experience in the health and fitness field into a ten-year project – his book, Natural Strength. 

Natural Strength allows people to workout anywhere, which has never been more critical. Typically, a client would meet at a gym to work with a personal trainer, or even welcome the trainer into their home, but Smith has created routines that are not limited to traditional workout areas. Smith has tailored specific workouts in Natural Strength, so people can exercise at home without a trainer, safely distanced at a park or beach, in the pool, or anywhere remotely.

While workout plans and healthy tips are important, Smith most importantly wants his clients to have fun and enjoy themselves while working out. In his experience, he knows that people will not create new healthy habits or see results if they are not excited about their workouts. 

Training various clients that have different needs and abilities has allowed Smith to offer different types of activities, which include supermodel workouts, strength training with weights, plyometrics, and cardio days. He incorporates these different styles in Natural Strength, so the reader can apply the workout that best fits their own needs.

Smith’s effective routines for health also address eating habits. Staying on track with meal plans is especially crucial, since people are struggling to find routine during the pandemic.  Fortunately, Natural Strength includes a very specific, 14-day meal plan with a healthy, daily menu of foods for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, and even drinks.

Smith says, “If you learn how to cultivate natural strength in your life, my promise to you is that your sense of play, enjoyment, and life force will return to you.” He adds, “Practice seizing opportunities and learn that it feels good to take care of your body. You will feel good about your ability to focus on your goals and to take risks.”

Oscar Smith

Oscar Smith has a lifelong dedication to fitness as a lifestyle. Oscar has personally mastered multiple disciplines to develop a specialized training system for total body transformation. His fitness services are offered at his chic Tribeca personal training gym, O-D Studio.  His level of experience and expertise has made him one of the most sought-out trainers in NYC.

With athletic experiences on his high school football and track and field teams, Smith went on to major in physical education, minor in kinesiology and biomechanics, and become a level two all-around gymnast.  With over 25 years of experience, Oscar’s notable accomplishments range in scope. Oscar is a Certified Personal Trainer [ISSA-International Sports and Science Association], Certified Technician, Gymnastics Coach [USGF- United States Federation of Gymnastics], Kinesiology and Biomechanics Specialist (movement of the muscles and tendons), Senior Ocean Lifeguard and Ocean Rescuer (diver), USLA Competitor [United States Lifesaving Association], Six-Time Tri-Athlete (30-mile bike ride, six-mile run, one-mile swim), and a New York City Marathon participant.  He was also a grade 3 ocean beach lifeguard and member of the lifeguard completion team, travelling to compete in worldwide events.

Smith started his personal training gym, O-D Studio in 2003, before anyone knew what a personal training gym was.  He had a simple vision: to create somewhere where people could work out with a one-on-one trainer, where people didn’t pay for the use of a building, but for the use of a trainer.  What he didn’t realize in creating his vision is that his gym would come to attract celebrities, because they could work out without the prying eyes of the public.  O-D Studio has since attracted celebrities that include: Katharine McPhee, Tom Brady, Rosario Dawson, Val Kilmer, and many others.

Smith is the author of the book Natural Strength, which focuses on how readers can overcome their weight loss plateaus, and also encourages readers to reconnect with their inner child and try different things to have fun working out again.  He also has a YouTube show, S.W.E.A.T., which explores the latest trends in working out, from aerial silks to trampoline workouts to underwater spin.

For more information, please visit https://o-dstudiogroup.com/

Follow Oscar Smith on Instagram @oscar_odstudio

Watch Oscar Smith’s YouTube show, S.W.E.A.T., at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkOCmjlB-ghUhJf-y8N781g/videos


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