August 26th, 2017

// Not All Fish Oil Is Created Equal – Omax Ultra Pure – Product Review

Not All Fish Oil Is Created Equal - Omax Ultra Pure - Product Review

As many of you know I take a lot of supplements being an athlete and competitive figure competitor. I was recently sent Omax Ultra Pure fish oils to try and review.

On the products website they state that: "Fish oil contains omega-3s, but how much you are getting in each supplement can vary dramatically. To determine the actual omega-3 content in your fish oil supplement, read the label and look for the total omega-3 content in each softgel. The top selling fish oil supplements contain only 30% of omega-3 content in each softgel.* Omax3 Ultra-Pure is exceptionally concentrated at 93.9%. That means you get therapeutic results that you can feel."

At first site the pills are pretty big. So if you aren't a fan of big pills be cautious. They are soft gels which do make them easier to swollow.

I have been taking them for a week and although I am not sure if they are better than my previous brand my training and cardio is going well. My joints feel great and overall I have no problem swelling the pills.

If you are interested you can find out more information about them here:

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