July 24th, 2018

// Novus Health and iA Financial Group Team Up to Make a Difference in Health Literacy

Novus Health and iA Financial Group Team Up to Make a Difference in Health Literacy


TORONTO, July 24, 2018 /CNW/ - Novus Health is pleased to announce that it has partnered with iA Financial Group. Through this new partnership, iA Financial Group is offering its group insurance clients the tools their plan members need to better understand their health, pursue wellness and make informed decisions.

For many Canadians, health literacy remains a challenge: it can be overwhelming to navigate Canada's complex health care systems and understand their options. What's more, when searching online for answers to health questions, Canadians report trouble finding reliable, relevant information. All this can make the search for health information a frustrating, time-consuming process that leaves many simply wanting to speak to someone.

This is where Novus Health comes in. Novus Health provides personalized access to discuss their questions by phone with Health Information Specialists, along with 24/7 access to online and mobile platforms with relevant and curated health information and resources. The platform's interactive, engaging tools help members take control of their health and empower them to become their own advocates within the health care system.

How Novus Health Products are Enhancing Health Management

The Health Navigation Platform provides an interactive experience that removes barriers from the search for health information. Alongside comprehensive web and mobile access to health resources and tools to find doctors and clinics in your area, Novus Health offers live telephone support from trained Health Information Specialists and nurses who can provide personalized information and guidance. Both the platform and the telephone support line are fully bilingual.

Through a user-responsive questionnaire, the Health Risk Assessment tool can provide a snapshot of a population's health risks, and enables members to make informed choices by giving them a personalized health report with clear explanations of their condition, helpful local resources, and action plans addressing their unique situation. The program can also assess their needs on an ongoing basis, helping them adapt to their changing health status.

Stay Healthy at Work is a unique absence and disability avoidance program that targets the common sources of workplace absence, while at work. The program gives members the ability to connect to a health coach (trained registered nurses and other physical and mental health professionals) who can help them manage their health issue before it becomes severe. The program's proactive, behaviour-change-focused intervention makes it a cost-effective alternative to traditional Employee Assistance Programs for organizations who want to minimize disability and absenteeism, reduce costs, and provide holistic support services to their employees.

With the full range of enhancements from Novus Health to offer all of its group insurance clients going forward, iA Financial Group is giving members the power to improve their health literacy, health outcomes, wellness and quality of life.

About Novus Health

Novus Health is an information and technology-enabled health and wellness services provider. The leader in health navigation and wellness solutions, Novus Health helps organizations make health information and health care more accessible, understandable, and effective for their members and clients. Novus Health's solutions are provided to over 5 million people, with offices located in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Los Angeles and Paris.

For more information, visit www.novushealth.com and www.novussante.com.

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