September 16th, 2022

// NuCalm™         ‘Own the Day”

NuCalm         ‘Own the Day”



100 Million Minutes! 

Users of Pioneering Stress-Relief System Reach Milestone, Changing Their Mental State without Drugs

NuCalm’s Popularity Increases Dramatically Following Consumer Product Launch    

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE – USA (Issued September 2022) – Since last year’s introduction of the NuCalm consumer stress-relief product and subscription program, thousands of users around the world have been able to control the triggers that result in fear, stress, anxiety, depression, worry and sleeplessness. The need to find effective solutions to take better care of ourselves during this high stress COVID-19 era is self-evident as NuCalm users surpassed over 100 million minutes, enabling users to “Own the day.” 

Jim Poole, CEO/President of Wilmington, Delaware-based Solace Lifesciences, maker of NuCalm (, says, “After 32 years and millions of dollars of research, we’re proving every day how effective our patented, clinically-proven neuroacoustic software is. We are getting closer to achieving our mission to change the world with the successful transition from a medical device to a consumer product. Now, for the first time in history, people can change their mental state on demand without drugs or side effects. All you do is listen to our patented neuroacoustic software to dial up or dial down your brain wave frequencies to create whatever outcome you want; from the deepest levels of sleep to recovery and restoration to the highest levels of intensity and mental focus.”

NuCalm has been successfully used in over two million surgical procedures and by individuals suffering from PTSD, addiction, patients undergoing cancer treatment, first responders, pilots, and stressed-out executives. It’s used by FBI agents, across the Department of Defense, and by many of the world’s best athletes across 54 professional sports teams. 

Among NuCalm devotees are ultramarathoner Robbie Belanger who used it nightly to help him complete the daunting ‘Colorado Crush’ mountain challenge and the Tesla challenge where he outlasted a Tesla’s battery; and author/motivational speaker Tony Robbins who wrote about it in his latest book, “Life Force.”

NuCalm has been featured on NBC’s Today Show, MSNBC, USA TODAY, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and won prestigious awards at the Consumer Electronics Show. The company hosted a NuCalm Recovery Lounge at Enshrinement Week at the Pro Football League Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, at Super Bowl week in Los Angeles, and at the US Open Tennis Championships in New York. The company has also donated hundreds of thousands of dollars of NuCalm systems to veterans suffering with PTSD across the U. S. 

For more info, visit or contact David Poole, Chief Business Officer, Solace Lifesciences: . Visit                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      -By Stan 


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