July 23rd, 2012

// Obama's and Fitness

Did you know that the President use to smoke? He has kicked the nasty habit and is now an avid exerciser who keeps his diet healthy. President Obama is not the first politician who is dedicated to fitness. Bill Clinton was also an avid exerciser. He was famous for his running along side his secret service. Even though the current President of the United States of America is a busy man his trainer says that “busy people can realistically integrate fitness into their lives because it's a mental thing.” If the Obama's can find time for fitness so can you.

The presidents personal trainer is a man named Cornell McClellan who splits his time between Chicago and Washington. Obama is known to start every day with a morning workout no matter where he is. This has been known to include machines at hotel gyms or even outside for a run. Cornell states "If we're short on time, we try to mix things up." He goes on to say "We will try to make sure there's some high-intensity stuff. We might do some weights, throw some cardio in there and throw some plyometrics in there with abs. We go from one thing he needs to another, because his time is short."

Cornell is also credited with the “Michelle Obama Arms.” Every admires how perfectly toned her arms are. Her arms even inspired Cornell to do exercise DVDs on how to get toned arms just like the first lady. Michelle is now actively involved in getting America moving and is a health and fitness advocate. This is very inspiring and motivating for young women and adults alike to get active and healthy. More can be found out on the government website: http://www.letsmove.gov/

Obama is a prime example of how we all should be, ACTIVE. He is also a huge basketball player and fan. Obama was talking about the main reason he plays basket ball and states that he does it "...just to clear my head and relieve me of stress.” Exercise in any form is a great stress relief. Way to go Obama!

If you are looking for more information about the esteemed Cornell McClellan he is also the owner of http://naturallyfitinc.com/


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