October 1st, 2019



"How I Conquered My Depression & Addiction & You Can Too." 

AN INSPIRATIONAL STORY OF BEATING DEPRESSION, DRUGS, & THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL “They thought I was a jock who just loved to party...but I was doing it to numb my severe depression...” ...says Ethan Fisher reflecting on his teenage years. From the outside looking in, Ethan Fisher had the world at his feet. A popular high school student-athlete, he was the captain of his basketball team and a fun-loving friend who loved to party. But years of untreated depression, peer-pressured substance abuse, and negative self-talk enveloped his impressionable mind and led him down a destructive and tragic path. Sadly, this is something all too common. According to the CDC, approximately 1.9 million children have diagnosed depression and by 12th grade, about two-thirds of students have tried substances such as alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana.Growing up in a family that did not speak openly about mental health, Ethan spent his teenage years secretly battling clinical depression while he publicly received accolades for his uncommon talent on the basketball court. He began to self-medicate, leading to a years-long battle with alcoholism and substance abuse. After failing out of several college basketball programs, several attempts with suicide, and one horrific car accident, Ethan found himself in prison with a daunting 3-year sentence. While in prison, surrounded by negativity, he just knew he had to make a change when he got released.   "Students of all ages are abusing alcohol, drugs at an alarmingly high rate. In today’s society, peer pressure from social media can lead to depression, suicide and self-medicating abuse with Alcohol and Drugs. Unless something tragic happens, they do not have to face the dire consequences of their decisions. That is where my life and keynote presentation comes into play... "...says Fisher who is now an alcohol, drug, and mental health awareness keynote speaker. Sober since 2004, Ethan went on to become the first athlete in Colorado to play college basketball on inmate status and was recognized as an All-Conference and MVP. He graduated summa cum laude, was awarded the entrepreneurship student of the year award and was the recipient of the President's award. Ethan’s experiences became a catalyst for his devotion to inspiring others. "Kids open up to me about their deepest darkest issues because I tell them my own deepest darkest issues." The letters I get from kids fuels me every day to inspire change and encourage kids to speak out about mental health," boasts Fisher. Ethan Fisher is on a mission to prevent students and student-athletes across the country from making poor choices and bad decisions while changing their perspective about alcohol and drugs.  IN AN INTERVIEW OR AN ARTICLE, ETHAN CAN DISCUSS:His incredible story of beating depression, drugs, and the downward spiral.Warning signs of mental health issues or addictionWhat to do if you know someone who needs helpWhat people can do today to help the cause and fight depression and substance abuseTechniques for channeling desire into purposeful action.ABOUT ETHAN FISHER:Ethan Fisher is a keynote speaker, author, and mental health advocate who draws from his life experience to challenge, motivate and inspire students and people of all ages. From star high school athlete, to prison inmate, to the recipient of an MBA with honors, Fisher's life is a lesson in accountability, passion, and perseverance. A raw and passionate speaker, Fisher has shared his story in hundreds of cities, motivating and engaging almost 75,000 audience members to take hold of their lives and pursue their dreams. Fisher is also the founder of Life CONsequences, a non-profit to support education and prevention for students and student-athletes. Fisher was featured in the best-seller, The Heart Led Leader (which was #1 Wall Street Journal, #8 New York Times, #1 Amazon Business) newspaper articles, as well as podcasts, radio, and television shows.FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT:  www.ethan-fisher.com 


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